Dell Streak Drops to $100 at Best Buy, Being Discontinued?

We can’t say we didn’t see this coming. The Dell Streak has dropped from $299 to $100 (with a contract) at Best Buy stores. Don’t be deceived by the listing saying that the regular price of the device was $499, that is the off contract price for the unit.  Still, it is a pretty significant price drop from $299 to $100.

We’ve been hearing rumors that Dell is working on a dual-core successor to the Streak, but it looks like they’re also killing it off, slowly. Of course, we could be wrong. It could just be a holiday promotion and the Streak isn’t going anywhere for awhile, but that’s all up for speculation. We’ll let you pick which one you think is the truth. No word from Dell on why the price has dropped, but we’ll keep you posted if we hear anything.

Source Electronista

  • Hotmann

    Picked this up last night…very pleased with it so far. Loaded it up with the o2 froyo update from yesterday and it is glorious, scores just under the galaxy s phones in quadrant.

  • softgeek

    I love my Streak, but it is running Android 1.6. I’m trying yo be patient and wait for the official update.

  • rcoplin67

    The only thing keeping me from buying this right now is fear of it getting the X10 Experia cold shoulder and staying on 1.6 forever.

  • kou5oku

    I have 2.2 on my streak. its the official dell update for it. 😀

    search the googles for official dell 2.2 streak

  • tmc

    What I want to see are more 3-5″ devices which are NOT phones. If consumers “WANT” a 3g sd card option, fine.. other than that.. consumers should have just Archos in the non-phone space for this form factor & price range.

  • Dennis

    I got a Dell Streak about a month ago. The size overwhelms you at first sight but fits snugly in my back pocket. Got used to it in a matter of days.

    Hardly a flaw but apart from this, the device is an absolute joy, especially if you run Froyo. Fabulous response times, all the fun of Android 2.2 – I don’t even need to type e-Mail anymore. And the SCREEN – blows you away! My wife’s 3.7′ looks positively minuscule compared to this.This has practically replaced my laptop for late evening news, books, videos etc. Since I commute a couple of hours each day – this device is a godsend.

    A few suggestions on apps: get battery booster (A MUST), dolphin HD (web browser), Swype (the BEST damn keyboard ever!!), Laputa (e-Book reader), WinAmp (music management), MixZing (video player)

    Incidentally I type at about 50 wpm with Swype now and this note is posted off my Streak!

    Love it! Recommend it!

  • Always bad if hearing some IT Company give this kind of news. Means They
    already fail in Their fight to gain spot. Dell Inc really needs to
    prepare better next time when They launch new IT product.

    warm regards,