HTC Evo 4G Adds More Bloatware, Non-Root Only

Sprint is America’s second provider when it comes to bloatware, just one step behind Verizon. It doesn’t load it up with Bing, but they do add all kinds of bloatware, no matter whether users think it’s useful or not. However, they do update their phones. A new update is being readied for the HTC Evo 4G, improving performance and adding just a bit more bloat-, or if you want it said nicely, software.

This new update includes the following software:

  • The Blockbuster Streaming app, optimized for the Evo 4G
  • The Amazon Kindle app
  • A try-before-you-buy version of Gameloft NOVA
  • A whole lot of updated Sprint apps, like: Navigator, Visual Voicemail, Sprint TV, and an official version for Swype.

It also sports an updated version of the radio, boot image and the 4G connection.

Read the installation how-to after the break.

Warning: Only do this if your phone isn’t rooted. Applying the the update on a rooted device may cause permanent damage to your phone, don’t blame it on us if it suddenly explodes into a little nuke! The rooted version of the update usually appears in about 48 hours, so just be patient.

How-to (non-rooted):

  • Download the update and save it as (Rapidshare mirror in the source link below)
  • Copy to the root of your SD card (not within any folders)
  • Make sure that your phone is at least 75% charged and then turn it off
  • Reboot into recovery mode (Turn the phone off, then hold the Volume Down+Power button simultaneously)
  • Press the volume down button to go to Recovery and select it by pressing the power button
  • A triangle with an exclamation point will appear
  • Press the volume button and select “apply”

Don’t do anything with your phone until it’s done with the update, aborting the updating process may brick your phone.

Source: Androinica

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  • Is there any way to get this on my rooted device??

    • kanesd

      has anyone been able to get this thing to work ? pressing volume at the end of nothing , not to mention the auto update doesn’t work either ……help !!!!!!!

  • Monica

    The same here. I followed the instructions. I see the triangle. I press the volume button and nothing happens. What can I do? Help!!!!

    • The last step of pressing the volume button, is actually hold volume up button & simultaneously press power button.

  • Xavier

    x3 on the above posts. Hit the volume button at the end and nothing happens

  • Robert

    I’m following all the steps but it says error in/ sdcard/ and aborts…what am i doing wrong?

  • daniel

    hey i’ve been able to apply the update now follow the exact step then after you he triangle on the screen press up and power back to back…

  • kanesd

    still nothing, anyone else gettig it to work?

  • kanesd

    ok i got it im an idot lol… but i got an error E:error in /sdcard/ (status 7) installation aborted. please help 🙁

  • daniel

    the file’s brooken there’s no signature on this file……….i got the same thing KANESD

  • kanesd

    Thanks DANIEL….now what do we do?

  • daniel

    hew bro the official updates just launch go to your setting and update software….its out