Trillian 1.0 Gets Released for Android.

Power chatters who use Android handsets rejoice!  Cerulean Studios has announced via their blog that they have released their 1.0 Trillian for Android app.  If you have not heard about Trillian before (that is a mighty big rock you are hiding under), it is an instant messaging client that converges all the popular different services into one place.  If you have buddies across say AIM, Yahoo, ICQ to name a few, you can use Trillian to chat with them all in one window.  There is much more functionality built into the desktop app, but that gives you the general idea.

With the release of their Android app, you can now converge all your chat clients into one place on your handset, which for some people is a welcome functionality.

The app costs $4.99 in the market, which for me, seems a bit steep, but for some will be reasonable for being able to talk to all their friends.

If you are using Trillian on your Android device, let us know in the comments.

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  1. ChaosKiller
    December 16, 17:30 Reply

    I have been using Trillian for Android since the beta. I really like the client and I have bought Trillian :)

    I have used a lot of IM applications on Android before and this one is better imo.

  2. Charlie
    December 18, 23:23 Reply

    It’s crap, won’t connect to WLM or Yahoo for me, keeps telling me my passwords are bad, even though the same exact passwords work just fine from the windows and mac clients I use. I got screwed on a refund also because of google 15 min window now, it took me longer than 15 mins.

  3. glococo
    December 19, 12:31 Reply

    I will pay 5 usd if it support XMPP Voice & Video call.

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