Creative’s 7-Inch Tablet Arrives with $250 Sticker Price

Creative’s 7-Inch Android 2.1-based tablet, the ZiiO, is now available for purchase, dropping itself right in the middle of the pack.  While it might not be as powerful and feature-rich as the Galaxy Tab, it’s definitely worth a little extra money over the likes of an Augen or Sylvania tablet.  The $250 price tag has our interest piqued, considering there are no contracts to deal with.

In terms of hardware, the ZiiO features a 7-inch screen running at 800×400 resolution, 8GB internal memory, a front-facing camera and support for Bluetooth and WiFi.  It remains to be seen how fast the Creative ZiiLABS ZMS-08 HD processor is but we don’t expect it to perform along the lines of a Hummingbird or Tegra 2.

Anyone considering asking Santa for a tablet like this?

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  • dp

    Not a bad deal to put in the car for a big MP3 player

  • James

    Decent Android tablets so far seem to turn on only a few key issues:
    – Capacitive touchscreen or resistive (resistive=fail)
    – Android version
    – WiFi only or 3g+Wifi

    This article and the link don’t mention the first two at all. I think most Android enthusiasts could care less about resistive touchscreen devices or those using Android 2.0 or less.

    • Ed

      Capacitive = fail in cold climates or for precision work.

  • Chris

    Get Android market support and consider it sold.

    • DaveC

      If you’re even thinking the least bit about buying this, then look at the Archos 70IT. It cost $25 more, running 2.2 on a capacitive screen. Android apps including market via a simple apk sideload. WAY MORE bang for the buck.

      • mike i

        just got a Archos 70 for my wife, haven’t had a chance to load market on it. which apk did you use? She wanted a Kindle or a Nook and I saw this as a better alternative since the nook hacks weren’t ready yet.

        • DaveC

          The gAppsInstaller_v4 from Kenyu73 on XDA.

          I found out about the Archos while researching the NookColor. That may still end up being a nice device to have if some decent custom ROMs are developed for it.

          • mike i

            okay that was what I was going to use. thanks.

  • Eric

    The specs at Creative’s site says it’s resistive touch screen. Blech.

    • Ed

      Blech? That makes this device more appealing to some.

      Say people who like precision? Or people in cold climates who might be wearing gloves?

      Both things capacitive fails at.

  • Haggie

    For another $50 bucks ($299 from BJ’s), I would go with the elocity A7 running 2.2 on a Tegra 2.

  • work uniforms

    I just love my android, and it really makes my day complete..:-)