Developers Now Have 4,000 Characters to Describe Android Apps in Market

One of the biggest complaints around the Android Market has long been the tiny amount of space given to developers to describe the app.  For companies who roll out multiple updates in a short window, they previously had to resort to using some of that precious space to note changes in the app/game.  That went away with the new “recent changes” feature, and developers had those characters freed up for descriptions.  Apparently, Google thinks developers need more space yet.  Way more space.

Developers logging into the market console will now have up to 4,000 characters to describe their applications.    This is considerably greater than the 325 characters previously at their disposal.  What does 325 look like compared to 4,000?  Take a look!

Developers now have 4,000 characters to describe Android apps.

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  • LeffelMania

    Merry Christmas from Google!

  • Idea Apps, Inc.

    That is a huge difference! Now there is plenty of space to describe our developed android apps. There have been some great changes in the Android Market lately, look out iTunes.
    While I develop for all platforms I really enjoy the competition between all of the platforms.