Gingerbread Push to AOSP Is Underway

Promised just two days ago, the Android 2.3 code is already being pushed into the Android Open Source Project.  As we mentioned, this might not mean a hill of beans to Joe Schmoe types, but the hacking community is more than likely poppin’ bottles already.  Developers and crafty types can get all the needed tools to create and compile custom ROMs, right from the source.  A word of caution however as Googler Jean-Baptiste Queru warns of doing much for the Nexus S just yet.

I very strongly recommend against trying to use Nexus S for anything related to AOSP at the moment. Trying to unlock or use your Nexus S for AOSP work could easily turn it into a Nexus B (where B means “brick”).

We don’t need to remind you, but we will anyhow.  Playing with your phone in ways not intended by the carrier and handset maker is always subject to goofy results.  Proceed with caution.

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  1. davethedrummer84
    December 17, 18:22 Reply

    Heck YES!!! Ive been following the android scene for a few months now and Im ready to have Gingerbread on my Evo! Custom Roms here we come :)

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