Loopt 4.0 arrives for Android

The popular location based social disovery app, Loopt, has released an update to the Android version bringing it to version 4.0.  The updates include:

  • A streamlined new design, focused on finding friends and finding places that your friends like to go around you.
  • Very cool tools to communicate with friends (like Ping, which lets you send location-text messages)
  • The ability to see where friends are now, see where friends like to go around you now, and places where people are gathering right now.
  • Rewards! Starting out with free music, you can now find rewards on Loopt while you go about town.
  • Notifications when friends are nearby, when places are getting busy, and where the deals are to be found
  • A very simple ON/OFF mechanism for automatic location sharing — right on the Home screen of Loopt — so you’re never in doubt about whether your location is being automatically updated;  when automatic location sharing is OFF, your friends will only see where you are when you specifically check in to a place.

You can upate the app in the Google Market now, happy friend hunting!

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  • Michael

    clicking on that link brings you to a page to download the blackberry app and not the android one.

  • Richard

    It’s USA Only.