Rumor: Motorola Working on Another Pair of Ruggedized Android Phones for 2011

The word around the campfire is that Motorola is prepping two ruggedized handsets along the lines of the T-Mobile DEFY.  Expected sometime in the middle of 2011, these phones are said to run less than the DEFY by as much as half.  Much like the i1 for Sprint, these types of phones work well for general contractors, technicians, and plumbers as they can take a beating.  According to Eldar Murtazin, these two will also feature the candybar style we’ve seen so far from Motorola.  Let’s hope the handset maker can address the audio issues in the upcoming products.

  • sam

    I would love to see a rugged and high end device. I can’t understand the obsession with making skinny phones. Maybe its because I don’t wear skinny jeans