Busy Week for CyanogenMod team; CM6.1.1 and WiMax!

It has been said that Google was intent on keeping everyone excited this December, and with their releases of Gingerbread, the Nexus S release, ChromeOS’ debut, and the CR-48 shipments it has become clear that they intended to deliver. It seemed that with the CyanogenMod 6.1 release happening that same week, everyone would be plenty busy enjoying their respective new toys. Apparently I misjudged the determination and drive within the CyanogenMod development team, as they continue to deliver even more this week. What more could they add to CM6.1? Apparently enough to merit the rapid release of CyanogenMod 6.1.1, and that’s not even the stopping point!

Where to even start! I know many are sore about their handset of choice not getting Gingerbread before the Nexus S dropped, but when you take a look at the features in CM 6.1, and the additions found in 6.1.1, I say good riddance. We’ve clearly got more goodies than they do anyway!

  • Common: Add rotary lockscreen – Kmobs/cvpcs
  • Common: Updated translations – (everyone)
  • Common: Push update notificatiosn – Chris Soyars
  • Common: Fix camera sounds – CAF/Cyanogen/mtwebster
  • N1/DS/Supersonic: Kernel performance tweaks and fixes (various)
  • N1: Update build fingerprint
  • Vision: Fix MMS over WiFi calling – Zinx
  • Vision: Add console=null to kernel command line – Adam Tygart
  • Vision: Kernel to and some performance tweaks
  • Droid: FRG83D fingerprint, translations, camera, torch fixes

The push update notification is the big one that jumps out at me here. Now, when your device has a CM update available, you get a notification on your phone. This is powered by Android’s native C2DM service, which allows for web services to push notifications to your phone. As it stands right now, 6.1.1 is available to the Nexus One, G2, Evo, and Mytouch Slide (note the all HTC-ness of that lineup).

As though that was not enough, we learned earlier today that developer @toastcfh had managed to get the WiMax radio on the Evo to function inside CyanogenMod, giving CM users the speed boost they pay for with owning an Evo. Sprint’s WiMax service has been supposedly “closed source”, so it is great to see the Evo now functioning properly.

It’s clear that the CyanogenMod team shows no sign of slowing down, even after an impressive release like 6.1. This team continues to implement new features, even with Gingerbread  AOSP on the horizon. So, tip your hat to the CM guys, and enjoy their amazing product!

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  1. arthur blake
    December 18, 11:10 Reply

    I was a big fan of CM until version 6.0. There is an unresolved memory leak somewhere that makes the phone unusable after a while with lots of FC. This problem is most acute in phones with less RAM like the HTC Magic.
    Strangely, this bug was never solved or even acknowledged by CM team although it affects all phones.

    • 94wolf
      December 18, 11:24 Reply

      yep… I dumped 6.x on my G1 and went back to 5.8. I could barely even get web pages to load.

  2. duckunix
    December 18, 14:51 Reply

    Actually, I am downloading 6.1.2 to my Moto Droid as I type. :)

  3. dc
    December 18, 16:01 Reply

    To clarify, WiMAX isn’t available yet. The development team is still cleaning the code up before they put it into the nightly releases.

  4. dav227
    December 19, 06:51 Reply

    Nothing above 5.8 ever ran well on my HTC Magic. I love CM, but I stand on the shore as I watch it sail away and countdown to new phone day.

  5. chris
    December 20, 03:33 Reply

    So…..CM 6.1.2 is available for the Droid at least. Don’t know about other phones. Downloading now. Its been available since three days before this post was made. Lol. Gotta keep up guys. Lol.

  6. Michal
    December 20, 08:09 Reply

    Too bad they broke wifi on the EVO. Poor priorities.

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