Gingerbread Ported to the Galaxy S [VIDEO]

Galaxy S Gingerbread

It looks like the Nexus S isn’t the only Gingerbread phone in town anymore. Supercurio, who was also the first to root the Nexus S, has ported the ROM from the new Google flagship device to the Galaxy S. You’d expect it to be very buggy, but it’s not that bad. The only functions missing are: Voice, WiFi and GPS but those will be fixed soon.

The developer says that it feels just like the Nexus S with other hardware. That only leaves us with one thing to say: Rejoice, Galaxy S owners! You will soon be able to bake some Gingerbread of your own.

Watch the videos after the break and don’t mind his cute French accent.




Source: XDA-developers

  • How come some some guy (albeit a super android genius) can have this phone hacked, figured, and ported within like 24-48 hours but the big money makers cant even figure out which end of their rear to wipe? Someone give supercurio a job!

    • Greg

      It’s an administration thing…

  • Buttface

    Like always the nexus gets left out. A port has been made since yesterday but no body speaks about the minorities arounnd here. 🙁

  • Ridokilos

    Hopefully this fixes our wii controller problem.