What Will You Ask Santa For?

Let’s have some fun this weekend, shall we?  We’re looking to see what you guys and gals want from Santa as it relates to Android.  Maybe you’re really asking your loved ones to get you a Galaxy Tab. Perhaps you’d like to see a specific phone/tablet released by the end of the year.  How about if he let you mix and match carriers with phones?  Whatever you want, ask him.  We know he’s watching…

Hit the comments below with your Christmas wishes!

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  1. Andrude
    December 18, 11:34 Reply

    Notion Ink’s Adam tablet. It’s not gonna happen by Christmas, but I’ll take it whenever Santa brings it.

  2. Buffalo_Bill
    December 18, 11:41 Reply

    Gingerbread on my N1…

    Seriously though, if someone was to give me the NS, I’d be happy ;)

  3. Stevr
    December 18, 11:43 Reply

    A simple way on how to upgrade a wildfire to 2.2 froya . I have had the phone unlocked, but It’s still branded as a Vodafone and I don’t know how to upgrade it.

    From a new Android user

  4. Paul B
    December 18, 11:55 Reply

    HTC Sense upgrade for the Desire, and a bit of tasty gingerbread please Santa.

  5. Rich H
    December 18, 12:01 Reply

    Asking for the simple things:
    Droid X with all the accessories for me;
    Droid 2 Gobal for both my wife and daughter (with all the accessories, of course)
    Then Gingerbread ASAP

  6. caz
    December 18, 12:04 Reply

    money. Then we’ll see what happens after CES ’11, i really want that LG B phone or the optimus 2x, but i’ve heard bad things about LG’s durability phonewise so we’ll have to see.

    • Thijs Koot
      December 18, 18:07 Reply

      There is a chance we’re going in there live, seeking for as much hands-ons as we can. Sounds good?

  7. Brian
    December 18, 12:33 Reply

    Full Version of Robo Defense. I would as for Gingerbread but on my G2 that might not happen since the processor is clocked at 800mhz.

    • Nick
      December 20, 08:59 Reply

      Root your phone (one-click, z4root or manually), install Cyanogenmod (He owns a G2 and is already working on porting Gingerbread) and SetCPU (overclock to 1ghz – just that little nudge).

  8. permafrost91
    December 18, 12:36 Reply

    A dual-core phone with both front and rear-facing cameras running Cyanogenmod :-)

  9. JirafaBo
    December 18, 12:43 Reply

    CyanogenMod for my Samsung Epic 4G please!

  10. Limbu
    December 18, 13:58 Reply

    nexus one…my dream phone!

  11. Josh B
    December 18, 14:17 Reply

    I would love it if Santa would quickly bring an affordable 10″ tablet with the Tegra 2 processor and Honeycomb running it! (No MotoBLUR or locked bootloader would be great too!)

  12. ian mccully
    December 18, 14:53 Reply

    I would love santa to bring me and keep me update on the htc hero for example i would like the 2.2 and all the updates beyond.

    like ice cream etc

  13. Eric
    December 18, 16:17 Reply

    I want a dual-core nexus phone manufactured by HTC!

  14. allie
    December 18, 17:05 Reply

    Santa, may I please have a screaming fast dual core memory rich full feature android running cm gingerbread. Thank you and mt vest to the Mrs and the elves. Oh, and I’ve been very very good ;>)

  15. Winnie
    December 18, 18:40 Reply

    win the heart of the girl I love so much… (she has an android phone so it’s related to android, somewhat… ‘^^)

  16. Mark
    December 18, 18:50 Reply

    Desire HD2 with..

    Front facing camera
    Dual core
    1800 mAh battery

  17. Blue
    December 18, 22:46 Reply

    A Notion Ink Adam! I have already pre-ordered the Adam with the Pixel Qi display and Wifi. Estimated Shipping date of January 9th!

  18. droidfish2
    December 18, 22:57 Reply

    Santa has done left me the best present yet, a cr 48 under the tree,,woopie!!! :P :D :)

  19. Chillidip
    December 18, 23:03 Reply

    Dear santa,
    If you would as nice as of to give me a dock for my droid x, id really appreciate it. :)
    ps. Gingerbread on my droid x wouldn’t be bad either

  20. regis
    December 18, 23:23 Reply


  21. M. Verro
    December 19, 03:14 Reply

    The Nexus S to be released on Verizon Wireless!

  22. sam
    December 19, 04:35 Reply

    take my htc desire and give me an iphone4.

  23. Timmy
    December 19, 05:39 Reply

    I want the new Motorola tablet please

  24. Aura Mae
    December 19, 06:24 Reply

    Waiting for the ability to create an event from a gmail message.

  25. mXn
    December 19, 07:55 Reply

    HTC Desire HD (with Sense UI) on the T-Mobile Network

  26. James
    December 19, 12:01 Reply

    An official Froyo release for the Epic (and other Galaxy S phones, while we’re at it).

  27. iy
    December 19, 12:23 Reply


  28. glococo
    December 19, 12:30 Reply


  29. atticus
    December 19, 20:18 Reply

    Gingerbread on the Galaxy S Phones, please.

    Actually, I would take Froyo at this point.

  30. Jim
    December 19, 21:19 Reply

    A smartphone and a tablet that are representative of a mature market, products that have been fully developed in all areas, including screens, cameras, battery life, processing power, hardware integrity, etc..

  31. Ronell
    December 19, 21:25 Reply

    Something like the Galaxy Tab with Gingerbread, dual core, and the ability to browse in 3G while making phone calls. (Location: USA)

  32. Kenny
    December 19, 21:38 Reply

    Carrier support for CyanogenMod! I want CM 6.1.1 on my EVO!

    • Nick
      December 20, 09:01 Reply

      Didn’t he just get WiMax working?

  33. Magnus
    December 20, 07:17 Reply

    T mobile Sidekick Twist!!

    my wish specs is…

    2.3 Android or 3.0
    dual core (terga2)
    4.3 inches
    Super AMOLDED
    16gb on-board storage
    8mp camera
    2mp face camera
    1080HD video playback

    Bring BACK Sidekick Twist !!

    SIDEKICK LIVES!!!!!!!!!!


  34. Keefers
    December 20, 08:39 Reply

    Just received update on Droid X. 2.3 It had a box with arrow pointing at little green fellow.

  35. Nick
    December 20, 09:00 Reply

    Desire HD that does 4G in the US…on T-Mobile.

  36. anakin78z
    December 20, 17:54 Reply

    Gingerbread on my N1.
    Media dock for my Galaxy Tab.
    Cool skin for the Tab.

  37. ed greenberg
    December 24, 12:39 Reply

    A decent tablet. Something to properly compete with the iPad. A good design, quality manufacturing, a modern release of the operating system, access to the Market (at least the free apps, if there is some political reason to avoid selling into the tablet market for now.) The device should have great battery life, a good screen, a few peripheral ports, and a camera for videoconferencing. Wifi goes without saying, and I’m not particularly interested in 3g or 4g built in, since that would tie it to a carrier. It would be nice if it could do PPP on a USB port, so I could plug in a USB 3g device if really needed.

    If I could find the above, I’d buy two of them, for me and spouse.

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