Android Hides in Army of “Good Guys” in Swiss iPad App Advertisement

We received a pair of tips this morning about an advertisement for the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation’s iPad application.  Now, we don’t have any idea what those guys do over there, but we get the sense they are the NPR of Switzerland (Correct us if you know better).  Watch the short video below and you’ll see their version of  the history of Switzerland, acted out with cute little cartoon-y characters.  The clip, designed to help pitch their iPad app, has an awesome easter egg. Keep your eye on the 39 second mark as our favorite Android peeks out from the army of “good guys”.  

One might assume the guys  behind the ad prefer Android over Apple, but SBC says that’s not the case.

The android is here as part of the details we wanted to include, in this case a hint to the fact that we cover both platforms (android fans might want to have a look at the swissinfoandroid channel)

Yeah, okay.  Knowing that, we have gone back and watched the video a few more times.  Maybe we’re missing it, but we don’t get that impression.  We prefer to think they like Android over Apple.

Thanks to Jeannod and Augustin for the emails!

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  1. Andreas Schmitz
    December 20, 14:41 Reply

    Nice! Yes, the SBC is the equivalent of the BBC, well smaller and with more Swiss people :p was actually Swiss Radio International, so the NPR comparison is fitting.

    The video is indeed hilarious (even for a Swiss) but their viral ads for android were EPIC with bugdroid going berserk!

  2. Jared
    December 20, 19:12 Reply

    Ha ha ha the android videos are priceless :D
    Poor android robot gettin all shaken all over the place…

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