Developers Troubled with New Android Market, Too

It seems that users aren’t the only folks having issues with the newly updated Android Market.  We reported earlier about one of our readers who ran into problems with his previously downloaded apps where plenty of others have seen similar issues.  Shortly after we published the article, we got a tip from a guy named Jeff who advised that some developers are having a tough time on the console side.  And, like the last guy, he brought some links to back his point.

Are any other developers here seeing the same problems?  What have you done to fix the issue, if anything?  We’re curious to see how widespread this really is.

  • Ken

    Lol, any avid developer is too busy trying to port Gingerbread & fix/work around this to post anything here!

  • The android market has been a horrible place for developers since they started rolling out the updates a month ago.

    First the issue tracker would give a server error if you tried to see a bug report, this happened just after I published a major update and a few users were seeing force closes trying to start the app. It went on for 5 days and the apps reputation sufferers big time. Had I been able to to see the bug report I could have had a fix out in 5 minuted instead of 5 days. It did teach me a good lesson though.

    Then there was the issue of high-Res graphics, YouTube videos and feature graphics being deleted from the app profiles.

    High Res graphics then were made required, and you couldn’t even update market text without one. When you did upload one it would be deleted. I couldn’t unpublished a beta app that prematurely made it on appbrains top 10 without uploading new graphics first. Same thing happened again when content ratings were made mandatory.

    Then there was the problem with international cards being declined after author and the user downloading the app. Essentially google giving your Apps away for free for the better part of a day.

    There is the continuing issue of Apps download stats getting locked for a week, and having negative downloads when it resumes.

    These are all only the issues I have personally experienced in the last month. What I find extremely frustrating, is that as a paying google customer, I have no way to contact them when trouble arrises. The help center is completely ignored as are pleas for help on twitter.

    Glad to get that off my chest.

  • Sorry for all the bad grammar, the gingerbread keyboard lags horribly on web forms.

  • Chris

    Google just responded via email that they are working on this issue. The market crashes if you search for “Soccer Pro”. That is just one of the examples… and a lot of the apps have been removed from the market 🙁

  • Riddlin

    The new market is terrible. What happened to “update all”? That was the best feature.

  • Yikes, sales on 12/20 75% less than average…

  • You know, my sales have seriously decreased since the latest Market updates. I really hope this is just a natural hiccup, and not the result of Market app bugs.

    My biggest issue with Google, as a developer: support. They should have responded to one of those issues (in article) immediately. Even one business day is too long to wait. At the very least, let us know that you are looking into it. I have seen this type of “response” with almost every Market issue I have come across in 2 years of Android Development.

  • irespawned

    If the Android Marketplace is a headache for developers, it helps explain why so many developers are hesitant to put their games on it. While it may be convenient, is it worth the hassle?

    I know companies like Gameloft and EA have been bashed for not putting their games on, butt this development puts their “unwillingness” into perspective. Maybe Google should fix the Marketplace first before developers even consider adding apps.

  • Not for us, is getting better in every new release