HTC announces the Desire HD will be available in Saudi Arabia

Earlier this year, HTC brought the first Android phone to the Middle East, and now our friends in Saudi Arabia can enjoy the HTC Desire HD.  On December 19, HTC mentioned at a press conference in Jeddah that they will be bringing some new phones to the Kingdom.  The HTC Desire HD, and the first Windows phone to hit the Middle East, the HTC HD7.

Ameinfo stated that Mohamed Kais Zribi, Regional Manager of HTC Middle East and North Africa said:

“Customers in Saudi Arabia have been eagerly awaiting the launch of these new models. As far as the HTC Desire HD is concerned, I am confident that they will fully appreciate the new features and applications that we have introduced, especially its more engaging, intuitive, user-friendly design. We have likewise retained the attention-grabbing features of the phone, taking advantage of the powerful Android platform and the latest version of HTC Sense2.0, which has become a major hit among smartphone users.”

The main appeal for the Android phone is to tech-savvy youths in the Kingdom, and HTC stated that the Saudis have been very receptive to HTC in the past, and they are looking forward to continuing their relationship.

It is hopeful that with the current success rate of HTC, that they will continue to release new and innovative phones throughout the Middle East and North Africa; what do our readers think?