Motorola Teasing Honeycomb Tablet for CES [VIDEO]


Watch the video below and tell me you are not excited.  Then I will tell you that you are a liar.  Motorola has put a short teaser video together that details the evolution of tablets over time, showing the pros and cons for each.  Yes, they even include the Samsung Galaxy Tab.  At the very end, they pan to a hidden tablet when a honeybee flies into screen and out towards the Motorola logo.  Cut to “CES 2011″ and our heads exploding.

The second we touch down in Las Vegas, we are making a bee line for this thing. (See what we did there?)

  • gad

    That’s genius. Even Apple couldn’t do any better.

  • Zero

    I like that. ipad its like a gigant iphone hahah so funny.

  • chris

    gotta agree with one of the youtubers, the bee did indeed sound like a giant fart… had me for a little bit moto…