Keep Your Phone Working and Your Connection Warm in the Cold Outdoors: Tips From Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless, the leading mobile provider in the United States is sharing some tips to all mobile phone users for the cold weather months.

PRN has given us a little blurb about how to keep our precious phones safe when Old Man Winter rears his head.

First, the basics:

  • Keep your phone fully charged, the cold weather is a battery drainer.  Use a car charger if all possible.  (Or keep a spare battery around.)
  • Be careful with your touch-screen phone.  When it gets exposed to extreme temperatures, it can become brittle
  • Keep your phone warm, and close to your body.  When your phone gets to cuddle with you, and use your body heat, s/he is happy.
  • (This one, I really like, and never thought of) Get gloves with removable fingers so you can use your touch screen, but keep your hands warm.

Pretty cool stuff, eh?  Also, there are a few recommended apps that you can use to be prepared for the Winter Weather.

  • Winter Weather Outlook – Allows you access to the National Weather Service Winter Weather Outlooks, so you’ll know what kind of winter weather is headed your way.
  • How Cold Is It? – A wallpaper that changes color depending on the outside temperature – deep red when it’s hot and icy white when it’s freezing. (Note, that this is a live wallpaper, so make sure your phone is compatible before downloading.)

  • ShoppeHUB – This app allows you to make secure purchases on cold weather gear, including winter clothing.

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  1. Miguel
    December 20, 14:00 Reply

    Curious but how do I scan a QR code if I am reading this on my phone. :P

    • evulhotdog
      December 20, 14:06 Reply

      @Miguel I ask myself the same thing. Sadly it happens a lot. Makes me mad if im not around a computer. -_-

    • JB
      December 21, 16:26 Reply

      click on the code it should take you to the marketplace

  2. razgriz94
    December 20, 14:08 Reply

    Some good tips. But for gloves, I prefer Agloves. They have silver fibers so you can use them with capacitive screens.

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