Samsung Vibrant gets FroYo Retracted

The Samsung Facebook page has some disheartening news for Canada Bell Vibrant users.  They have suspended the update for 2.2 FroYo because of “issues some users have reported while completing the upgrade.”   They also gave some info on how to contact them in case you have questions.  (US & Canada, can call 1-800-751-4078 or [email protected] if they have any further questions)

Back in November, we mentioned that the Vibrant build of 2.2 was more stable, but now it seems that Samsung disagrees.

Phandroid tells us that right now, this is only affecting the Canadian version of the Vibrant.

Vibrant users, Did you already upgrade? Did you experience issues? Who reverted to Eclair?

  • david garcia

    i’m running eugenes 2.2 gingerbread clone final release and it runs great.. not sure whats going on in canada!!

  • moise

    did they ever send the t mobile vibrant the update because i definitely didn’t get it on mines

  • MissingMyVibrant

    I upgraded my Bell Vibrant to 2.2 and within a day started having issues and within 5 days the phone actually completely went to hell. I was told by Samsung to send it in and that they would(after 2-3 weeks) return it with 2.2 loaded in it, I guess I’ll have to wait and see. I’m now stuck with the original Galaxy phone as my loaner, I miss my vibrant!

  • Hoser

    My Bell Vibrant Froyo upgrade bricked my phone on reboot after completing firmware update through DIES errr… KIES. Continuous reboot loop at Samsung splash screen.

    2-6 week wait for return to Sammy.


  • Matt

    I updated to Froyo last week via Kies, yesterday my phones internal storage crapped out and then the entire OS crapped out after a reboot. I went into Bell that evening and they gave me a new phone no problem, Froyo preinstalled from Samsung.