Having Trouble With New Android Market? You’re Not Alone

For most folks, the new Android Market app received over the last few days is one heck of an awesome new experience. For others, however, they are finding the distribution portal has been less than desirable. We received a tip earlier this morning from an aggravated reader (TheNewShaft) who has been seeing errors when trying to access the “my apps” section. For those unaware, this is the area previously known as “downloads”.

Quite a few people myself included are seeing an error (Attention A server error has occurred. Retry or cancel and return to the previous screen.) whenever this section is accessed. This is not fixed by clearing the cache, reverting to an earlier market version, hard resetting, verifying access to the google checkout account or rebooting. The funny thing is you can still buy apps & they install fine, the market also ‘knows’ if you have an app installed it just wont take you to the ‘downloaded app’ screen. I’ve done some digging & found that I’m not the only one with this error that seems to have popped up over the weekend, I’ve included some links to the relevant Android Market help forums.

And, doing our work for us, TheNewShaft attached five links showing the problem is rather widespread.  It looks to be affecting multiple devices across various versions of Android.  Anyone else having this issue?  What have you done to fix it – anything at all?


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  1. Mike
    December 20, 11:22 Reply

    Ive gotten that error plus having to download things multiple times. If you download an app, it appears to be doing what its supposed to do but never installs. Usually takes 3 or more times of downloading before it actually installs.

  2. ggfb20
    December 20, 11:31 Reply

    My market seems to be working flawlessly, I’m using a stock unrooted Nexus One with the official ota market update. I can access all areas of the market with no problems. I can download and install apps also with no issues. In fact it seems faster than the old market.

  3. niko
    December 20, 11:31 Reply


    I don’t get the error in the My Apps section but I have seen where something doesn’t start to download. It seems to me that if you start to download something and then go and do other stuff that’s why it doesn’t start. You have to stay on the app’s page and not browse around other places. It must be some threading issue. At least it seems more reliable if you just wait for it to start first before going to do other things on the phone.


  4. Frank Simmons
    December 20, 11:32 Reply

    I have the same issue, have not found a cure for it yet.

  5. Kathie
    December 20, 11:33 Reply

    Getting the “network” error right after installing update today. Nice work!

  6. JJ
    December 20, 11:35 Reply

    Besides that, I don’t know what you like about the new UI. It looks unfinished and it has a lot of bugs if you start playing with it.
    And that top green thing covers more than half of the screen in portrait (on LDPI only 2 apps are visible in the bottom list).

    Let me quote Kirill, the UI engineer who worked on the new UI:
    (talking about landscape mode on the old UI) “Fat title, fat tabs and fat button bar take so much vertical space that the actual content has less than half the screen height to view and scroll.”
    Well, congratulations! They’ve managed to fix that in landscape and introduced it in portrait mode. Like I’m going to use my phone mainly in landscape! They probably like tablets more.

    And what was wrong with the tabs? It took only one tap to see Related or Comments.
    Now you have to scroll down (sometimes a lot) then tap to see the same thing.
    Furthermore, the description was fully visible in the old UI. Now you have to tap once to see it entirely (because only 2.5 visible lines is not enough to convince me if the app is worth installing).

    And I hate the new Install/Buy button. *Thanks* for making one more step towards Apple’s App Store ugly UI.

  7. Steve
    December 20, 11:37 Reply

    Same “my apps” issue with the server. I emailed the market’s help desk but they haven’t replied yet. Stock Captivate Android 2.1-update 1

  8. velazcod
    December 20, 11:46 Reply

    This is not only happening on the new market, it is also happening on the “old” market, whenever you go into the “My Downloads” section (same as “My Apps” in the new market), it shows the same error.


  9. westy
    December 20, 11:47 Reply

    It worked fine on my N1 but now that i have a Nexus S i dont even have the new market. Its crazy how this phone is suppose to be Google’s baby but still doesnt have the New Market! WHAT GIVES!!!!!!!!

    • Topgun505
      January 10, 22:25 Reply

      I keep seeing the suggestion of:

      – If you receive error code 18 when trying to install, the installation fails because of a locked file. Solutions are to mount the phone on your PC and manually remove “/mnt/secure/asec/smdl2tmp1.asec” or an empty folder named “.android_secure”.

      But HOW do you do this? I am running Windows 7 and even with hidden files and folders checked I still cannot see any such file or folder. I saw another suggestion to download a Terminal app (which I was able to do successfully) but I know nothing of LINUX and the commands needed to try and browse to find this file using that method.

  10. Alex
    December 20, 11:52 Reply

    Ok I have a fix for the unknown error 18 that alot of people get, go on to your computer, plug in your phone, go to the sd card, turn on hidden folders, under android_secure folder delete the file smdl2tmp1.asec and boom problem is fixed! 😀

  11. tenkely
    December 20, 11:56 Reply

    Same inability to access the “My Apps” section of the new market… have not been able to fix it.

  12. Mark S
    December 20, 12:10 Reply

    I have not had any problems. Using a T-Mobile G2.

  13. jakewoodblues
    December 20, 12:23 Reply

    I had anissue updating Pocket Legends this weekend. I keep getting error 18, unknown. ‘ve emailed the dev, but now I wonder if it’s a market issue. (Scratches head) tho, all of my other apps have updated smoothly.

    • Alex
      December 20, 14:07 Reply

      Try what I said in my other post delete the smdl2tmp1.asec file in the hidden folder android_secure

        • Alex
          December 20, 22:19 Reply

          You have to access your SD card through the computer

  14. Greven
    December 20, 12:32 Reply

    I have the same issue, Nexus One running CM6.1.0, only thing is I’m still running the old Market, I haven’t updated to the new one yet.

  15. ninja4life
    December 20, 12:48 Reply

    i dont have any of those problems nexus one

  16. accesstd
    December 20, 13:02 Reply

    No problems with the new market on much Samsung vibrant running stock with update 1. But, on my viewpoint g-tablet -rooted and running tnt. 2.2, Im getting errors. Home page of the market tells me they no apps were found. I also show no downloads found for any of the apps i a
    lready have installed.

    • accesstd
      December 20, 13:16 Reply

      Update to my previous post (better spelling too since I’m on a computer and not my phone). When I attempt to go to the market on my rooted g-tablet, I get “no matching content in android market” on the home screen. When I click on downloads, i get “no downloads from android market”. When i click on the apps tab or games tab, I can finally view all the available apps. When I attempt to do a search for particular apps, the results are either VERY limited or I get no results at all. It almost seems that the android market is not recognizing my device and is filtering the results based on what it thinks is compatible to my device. Very strange.

        • Djf982
          September 14, 00:10 Reply

          Well, the Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>Market>Clear Cache — Seems to have fixed the server error everyone seems to have been having.  I know it just did the trick for me after a quick reboot of my device. 

          I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, by the way.

  17. tanclo
    December 20, 13:05 Reply

    I wasn’t aware anything was broken until they fixed it. The new UI makes sense if the object was to use up more screen space while providing less information and having users jump through hoops to get an app installed. Congratulations, users now spend more time on the market site.

  18. l2ique
    December 20, 14:01 Reply

    it lets me d/l and install good, but when i want to check my apps its says server error and asks to retry or cancel.. super wack but as long as i can d/l im ok hope they fix is soon.

  19. Rizo
    December 20, 14:04 Reply

    It just barley started working for me again. Hope it lasts…

  20. Felipe
    December 20, 14:04 Reply

    I am experiencing exactly the same problem describe: “A server error has occurred. Retry or cancel and return to the previous screen”. This is happening on a stock Nexus One with all the normal updates OTA, running on Android 2.2.1

    I got a few days ago the Android Market update. Its current version is 2.2.7

    If I search for some keyword on the main market screen, I do get the above error. If I do search on the “My Apps” screen, it appears the search is done and results are presented.

    Nevertheless, it seems that there are no application updates. I haven’t got any update since the new market was pushed into my phone, this is kind of strange as almost daily there were some app updates.

    On a minor note, I think the new market looks nice, but nevertheless, using it in a portrait mode, the green designs do take a lot of real state that kind of bother when scrolling to see the apps list… if it only worked correctly ! … my 2 cents.

  21. Felipe
    December 20, 14:14 Reply


    If I search on the main (new) market screen for “f1″ (no quotes, and that would be for Formula One), I do get the Server Error that has been mentioned.

    If I search, on the same market screen for “f 1″ I do get results.

    If I search for “ab” (two random letters, to check if two character strings is the problem), then I DO get results.

    Still no updates though….

    Any similar results with your Android Market ? All comments are welcome.

  22. Matt
    December 20, 16:12 Reply

    I’m not receiving an error; however it says “purchased” even though it is installed, which didn’t happen before.

  23. Moldy
    December 20, 16:33 Reply

    I am experiencing the same problem on two different handsets – a Nexus S with the old Market installed (the new market hasn’t yet been pushed to it), and a rooted T-Mobile G1 running Froyo with the new Market.

    D/vending ( 564): com.android.vending.api.ApiException: Error from backend. Request=com.android.vending.model.AssetRequest, Response=INTERNAL_SERVICE_ERROR

  24. Mike
    December 20, 16:42 Reply

    I’ve been getting the “server error” message on my original Droid when selecting certain apps in the Marketplace. Not ones I’ve downloaded, new apps I’m interested in. Annoying to the point it’s not worth app shopping at the moment. Agree with comments of others that the interface changes didn’t improve much.

  25. Heg
    December 20, 19:03 Reply

    Seeing this server error on an N1 and a G2. It is not device specific. It is something wrong with the account caused by the new Market update.

  26. Todd
    December 21, 01:23 Reply

    Talk about mistakes. I have a little floating box that has some kind of Twitter and Facebook links hovering over each Android Guys article. Just far enough in and midway down the screen to obscure the story. I know you don’t want to cover the ads, Guys, but if I find your page to be obnoxious, I’m not going to come here, so I won’t be able to click the ads.

    I think Twitter is a joke, and Facebook is pretty much useless, except for people who are looking to hook up with their exes (until they realize that their exes are fat).

  27. orama
    December 21, 02:37 Reply

    i not seen any problem on my nexus one

  28. Des-D-
    December 21, 09:38 Reply

    My new market place is working perfectly again, my apps showing up now after 4 days…better late than never Google , unrooted sim free desire 2.2 UK

  29. Eli
    December 22, 12:25 Reply

    Settings>Applications>Manage Application>Force Stop>Clear Cache>Clear Data

    That worked for my MyTouch3G with 3.5mm jack.

  30. Todd R. Levy
    December 26, 22:32 Reply

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  31. Michael
    January 04, 19:49 Reply

    Andoid market server error
    I have an HTC Desire and I have been using flight mode with only CDMA turned off to try to save power: since I have no phone account this makes no difference to me.
    I started getting this error every time I tried to access the Market. I found that the problem was solved by cancelling flight mode (even though I have no phone account).

  32. Dave
    January 06, 16:19 Reply

    Just posting a “me too.”

    Sprint HTC Hero200, Droid 2.1 (2.6.29-ba77cf03)

    The new “My Apps” page was only showing App Bullies “CheckItOff” but nothing else I’ve downloaded (and “CheckItOff” is neither the first app I downloaded nor the first title in alphabetical order). When I cleared the cache, downgraded, and rebooted…. same thing.

    Any hints greatly appreciated.


  33. Sergey
    May 12, 20:20 Reply

    G’Day, Android newfag here. Just to mention – I have just been able to fix the “No apps from Android Market” issue in “My Apps” section by clearing the data from Market app itself. Settings->Manage apps->Market, Clear Data. Galaxy S, 9000. The issue seems to have occurred after recent phone shutdown due to dead battery, which also erased all my contacts.

  34. Steven12
    January 22, 06:41 Reply

    Can anyone help me? Everytime i try and download an app from the Android the download automatically closes. 

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