October 31, 2014

Android-Powered WiFi Controllable LED Light Strip from iGloLEDset [VIDEO]

MEA Mobile has announced that their very cool interactive lighting product (iGloLEDset) has come to Android.  Already available for the iPhone, the lights are able to be controlled by, what else, Android phones. LED light strips which come in a range of 16′ (120 lights) to 50′ (360 lights) are controlled with a simple wave of the phone or drag of the finger. These make the perfect Christmas tree lighting (as seen in the video below) but would also spice up any environment. Think of how cool your home office, restaurant or tuner car would look with something like this. Then think of your friend’s faces when you whip out your phone to demonstrate how it works!

The Android app features real-time controls of the lights with dozens of preset configurations and effects. Multiple strands of LED lights can run together from any Android phone running 1.5 or higher. So pretty much everyone. The starting price point of $299 might scare off some, but we get the sense that these are pretty solid lights. Reading through some of the reviews on Amazon, it appears the iPhone version was rather popular. We expect the same, if not more, from the Android version.