AppBrain Adds Mature Content Filter to System

The guys at AppBrain are continuing to push forward with new features for their app distribution model, adding enhancements and services at a regular rate.  The popular web-based Android Market tool has evolved over time, providing one of the most compelling ways to discover and download Android content.  Todays see the addition of a new mature content filter that sits on top of an already smart spam filter.  Longtime users can attest that they don’t see half the cookie cutter apps, soundboards, and puzzles that show up when browsing the market from a phone.

This move comes ahead of the introduction of Google’s content rating system which aims to allow users to filter directly from the device.  No word on how that will affect the AppBrain system, if at all.  If you haven’t had a chance to use AppBrain from a PC or smart phone, now’s the time.

If you’ve been scared to get an Android phone over fears of pornography (Thanks, Steve), your fears should be assuaged.  Google and the AppBrain guys are working hard to make sure your kids are safe.

  • Eric A.

    i am using appsfire for android which added this feature sometime ago. really cool app

  • Huaxicn

    Here the content filtering app, webnanny, I used and it works for default android browser and Dolphin browser.