More Hinting At Motorola Honeycomb Tablet, Asks if We’re Ready to Skip a Generation.

We saw the ‘Evolution of tablets‘ video surface yesterday, where Motorola put the tablet community on notice.  Today we’re the handset maker is teasing the device and announcement with a countdown to CES.  Visitors are greeted with a note that asks if we’re “ready to skip a generation”.  Um, yes please.

Mysterious, intriguing, and  altogether fascinating. The video from yesterday impressive, but can they deliver? Will this be more about the hardware from Motorola or the new sfotware from Google?  We’ll find out in around two weeks!

You’ll surely hear more about this from us at CES!

Source: Motorola

  • Android4life

    I love the CES conference, it’s like Christmas after Christmas!

  • Hearthatvoiceagain

    Do we assume the “Skip a Generation” line relates to the fact that the best Android you can get on a tablet currently is Froyo and this tablet will have Honeycomb. As we have been told this is going to be the “reference design” for Android tablets I assume no one else will have Honeycomb, meaning the best anyone else will be able to show at CES will be gingerbread.