HTC Incredible HD Grabs the Spotlight Again in New Close-Up Images

Ahh, the Incredible HD. We first learned about this device back in August, with nothing more than a picture and some specs to go on. It was later discovered that the device was the HTC Incredible HD, headed for Verizon. We also heard rumors that it’s an LTE device with a high resolution screen. We got a few more photos in October and November, but no set release date. Well, we still don’t have a release date, but we got our hands on some high quality close-up of the device. There’s not much to look at, as they’re only shots of the screen bezel and power button, but it gives an idea of the build quality. Check out the other picture below.

So what do you guys (or gals) think? Is your interest peaked yet? Wanna see more? Let us know by leaving a comment. We’d love to hear from you!

Source AndroidCentral

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  1. John Martin
    December 21, 20:59 Reply

    How do you know if it’s really the HTC Incredible HD?

  2. Scott Koch
    December 21, 21:37 Reply

    My droid is showing its age and the IHD is sounding pretty good to me.

  3. rollyp80
    December 21, 22:54 Reply

    looks nice….very HTC….not plastic like the poorly looking samsung……I can’ t wait to see it.

  4. nelgg
    December 22, 00:02 Reply

    Doesn’t make sense to call it hd if there’s no AMOLED.. if they go with a tft lcd like the other HTCs will be a let down. Cuz then the incredible will be more hd than the incredible hd haha

  5. Jason Keirstead
    December 22, 08:30 Reply

    It won’t be a SAMOLED since it is not Samsung. So the display will be a let-down in comparison to galaxyS and NexusS.

    No one has competition to Samsung for displays right now.

  6. John K
    December 22, 10:22 Reply

    There isn’t much there, but I like what I see! I like the metal look that HTC has started to go with recently.

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