Swype Opens Beta up to All, Sign Up Now!

Swype, the popular keyboard alternative is quickly becoming the de facto method of input for Android users around the world.  After coming pre-loaded on many of this year’s top devices, we might as well stop calling it an alternative.  Nearly everyone we’ve ever shown Swype to has fallen in love with it.  Unfortunately, unless you were part of the private beta program or your phone came with it pre-installed, you cannot enjoy the awesomeness that lies within.  Until now.  Swype has opened the beta program up to any and all.

Head to their website to register as beta tester and check out the latest features of Swype.  Recent additions include Double-Tap-to-Edit  and Voice-to-Text!

  • Threeside

    It’s still in beta? I like swype but one of my biggest problems with it is the fact that they have never updated it. swiftkey from what I remember has gotten two updates and left beta status in the last 6 months. Why is it taking swype so long to even provide a well needed update? seems lazy. I don’t make apps but when anybody asks me about swype it’s my first complaint… It’s a great start but they have never updated… I constantly hope for it… Hopefully soon.

  • orama

    i got the last swype update three days ago in this version,you can choiche between two app size the normal 10MB and the new one the just 2.5MB it has all features but just two language english/spanish