Change in URL Structure is Latest Sign of Web-Based Android Market

The long, grueling wait for a fully functional web-based Android Market may be just about over.  We’ve been asking for one since the Market launched back in 2008, but it wasn’t until Vic Gundotra got on stage at 2010’s Google I/O that we saw what was in store for us.

The last few weeks have been very active for the Android app outlet, adding longer descriptions, content ratings, related content, additional pictures, YouTube videos, and more.  Users have more information now than they have ever had, which should hopefully lead to more, educated purchases with lower return rates.

AndroidCommunity has a post up this morning which highlights a recent change in URL structuring for the Android Market.  Developer René Hesse noticed that the links to his apps have changed, and that they now look (translated) more in line with traditional web URLs.

To be clear, we’ve heard from pretty reliable sources that this URL structuring isn’t necessarily brand new, rather it has been around for a weeks or more.  Still, at one point or another, the decision was recently made to go with a more friendly URL format.  This just may be one of a string of recent changes, or it may be the big one leading up to the web-based Android Market.

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  • Mark

    Yeah, that URL format has been in use for over two years!

  • David Shellabarger

    I think the dev is talking about this page:
    That uri structure has been published for months. I use it in my apps. Google has been suggesting both uri’s for about 6 months or more.

    No news to see here kids. Move along.