Developer Support for Sony’s Live View Growing!


In a world of amazingly powerful superphones that run my life, it seems that while some are pushing for the biggest screen possible, the best possible resolution so they can do EVERYTHING on their phone, I am looking to keep mine in my pocket. Bluetooth on the ear, tablet within reach, and a watch on my wrist. That’s right, I’m talking about Sony’s Live View device. What an idea. My notifications come right to my wrist, giving me the ability to control my phone remotely. Sony caught some negativity when the device launched, but developers and hackers alike have taken to it. Recently, on the Sony Ericsson blog, the Live View got something of an update for users still on the fence.

Rikard Skogberg took some time on the Sony Ericsson blog to update everyone as to the progress of their Android accessory. Since it’s a pretty one of a kind thing right now, it’s important that users and developers alike understand that the Live View is only as great as it is made, when the SDK is used by developers.

The Sony Ericsson LiveView™ micro display has now been available for a while and we see more and more 3rd party developers starting to add support for it in their applications. The idea with the LiveView™ really is to leverage on 3rd party innovation so I’m glad to see that there already are quite a few developers creating plug-ins for it.

The Live View hasn’t been offered in any carrier stores or big box electronics stores like Best Buy, but it has still seen global adoption. As more developers choose to implement their apps on this device, we will see even greater adoption. Rikard wrote briefly on the existing apps that interact fully with Live View.

  • Moon Phase Pro: 3D interactive simulation of the moon.
  • LiveView™ HTC Music plug-in: Music plug-in for HTC phones.
  • OI Shopping List: Shop easily with your LiveView™.
  • FakeCall for LiveView™: Trigger sounds and vibration on your Android phone.
  • LiveView™ ContactCall plug-in: Lets you browse contacts and initiate a call.
  • LiveView™ for Cycle Hire: Quickly access and safely access docking station statuses for London’s TfL Barclays Cycle Hire scheme.
  • LiveView™ Weather plug-in: Show current weather forecast in your location.
  • SportyPal: Motivational training tool that gives you a view of your work-out.
  • Launcher plug-in: Display your application icons on the LiveView™.
  • Smart Training: GPS tracker tool, post your training record.
  • Where am I LiveView™ plug-in: Shows a map of your current location.
  • LiveView™ PowerAMP: Control any music player.
  • Gmail for LiveView™: Gmail notifications plug-in that also lets you read the first part of the e-mail.
  • news alert: RSS notifier for
  • Calendar plug-in: Gives you an overview of your calendar and you can scroll and dive into a daily agenda.
  • Twitter icon plug-in: Shows your Twitter icon or a QR-code so that you can spread your Twitter-url.
  • Mode plug-in: Profile manager that lets you switch between silent, vibrate etc

Rikard also spoke up about concerns users have about Live View connecting to devices. Sony has assured us that they plan to maintain the device and implement software updates, so keep your eyes peeled if you own one or are looking to grab one!


  • I’m the dev of Moon Phase Pro (first app on the list) and a regular reader of AG. Just wanted to chime in that 2 of my other top apps, TerraTime and PolyClock, will be getting updates to support LiveView in January.

    • bmi

      Thanks alot string.

      On other note, i love my Liveview eventhough i still have a minor unresponsive response sometimes when i click the select button. had to restart it, but all the same its a very handy piece of Tech and the sky is only its limit with people like string (Devs) around to make it even better.

      Good information AndroidGuys.

  • Mac

    “Sony has assured us that they plan to maintain the device and implement software updates”

    Odd, in several other reviews I have read that Sony said there were no plans to update the device.

  • is there potential for using this with other bluetooth devices (pc w/ dongle, at least)?

  • Newjessar

    where is the Weather plugin?