Galaxy S Phones Sell 9.3 Million Worldwide

There is no doubting the success of the Galaxy S phones, made by Samsung. In the US alone, each of the four major carriers (that’s Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile) carry a Galaxy S device (the Fascinate, Epic 4G, Captivate, and Vibrant, respectively). However, the Galaxy S brand extends far beyond the US, even in Korea (where it just reached multi-platinum status).

The Galaxy S brand has sold a total of 9.3 million phones worldwide, certainly not a number to scoff at. I guess Samsung Mobile isn’t a disaster after all (except for the renowned GPS woes.)

source: RCR Wireless

  • Brian

    Yeah…but where’s Froyo? Been talked about since September…

  • awoken

    Tsk tsk tsk I keep saying…. Samsung has become quantity over quality…. I have 15 days to swap to the Evo… Samsung’s goal of selling a high quantity makes me think heavily about going to the Evo. HTC seems to be stying on top of things for now..

  • rev2redlineguy

    Yeah, it’s all about numbers and money to Samsung only. As for updates, they’ll screw you in the end. I’m no longer going to purchase anymore Samsung products because all they do is cover their a$%*** when it comes to software updates. I’m tired of hearing “oh, it will be this date for Froyo” then a month later “oh never mind, it’s going to be this date for Froyo” then again “whoops, it’s going to be this date for Froyo” then by time you know it, here comes the Nexus S device that Samsung wants you to buy so you can forget about the Galaxy S. Nope, not gonna sucker me again!

  • sweetbuns

    man I love my fascinate but I want my froyo, i wish they would at least share the bluetooth stack and ril. That would make it possible for the mod community to release and take resposbility away from them it ends up buggy. At least give me my fickin bluetooth stack, why I dont have one to begin with astounds me.

  • Samsung needs to recall all 9million phones. The GPS DOES NOT FUCKING WORK!! I have a Vibrant and a Nexus S and they both are completely broken!!! Fuck Samsung.

  • Steve G

    Samsung has never been quick on updates, sometimes not updating their phones at all. I really dont see that this will change with Android, and then these phone manufacturers wonder why the populous roots their phones with vanilla Android ROM’s. Manufacturers need to listen to their consumers but in the end there is the little caveat known as subsidies. Without vendor GUIs (Sense UI, AT&T’s, T-Mobile’s, whomever’s flavored GUI layer to advertise and force their sh*t down your throat, phone prices would be higher certainly. People are going to buy smart phones no matter what so the boss hogs (wireless companies) need to listen to their customers as well and give them what they want, not what they think their customers want.

  • Chris Hess

    I’ve had this series for 4 months. They are replacing it again for the 3rd time. This was my first smart phone and was expecting to be impressed. After I got the hang I was, but the phone defects have been more than irritating. Now that I’m catching on to what it can do, again irritated at its limitations. It has taken me to a new level in this new line of phones. But seriously! Don’t upgrade to or buy the cgs until the new series line or they work up the upgrades.