Beta Test This! SPB Mobile Shell for Android

Remember back in February, when we told you about SPB Mobile Shell for Android? Well, SPB is at it again, and are looking for Beta Testers for the Mobile Shell 5 program.  If you head on over to the SPB site and register, they’ll give you the following information about the SPB Mobile Shell:

SPB Mobile Shell is a reference product that showcases the capabilities of the underlying multiplatform SPB UI Engine and highlights some of the innovative UX components to assemble the core mobile experience. You can find more information about SPB Mobile Shell 5.0 and SPB UI Engine at our User Interface Solutions page.

Who’s up for some Beta Testing?  Head on over to SPB and try it out before the public gets their hands on it!

  • Branden Lounds

    pleaseeeee, i desperately desire the SPB mobile shell on my new galaxy s vibrant. i emailed already and recieved nothing…reconsider!

  • huss

    i had a few days to play with it. still has some things that can be tweeked. looks great though.
    for instance i’d like more widgets, and to be able to place icons whereever, and not for them to line up next to last one (like in LauncherPro).