Coca Cola’s Beautiful Live Wallpaper is AdMob Case

Most of us that are running 2.2 on our phones are using, or have at least tried, the live wallpapers.  They are fun and entertaining, and give our phones that je ne sais quoi “WOW” factor when we are showing it off to others.

For years, Coca-Cola has been bringing us pictures of Santa Claus drinking Coke and this year, according to googlemobilehead, Coke’s annual holiday commercial is now available as a Live Wallpaper.  Through the help of AdMob Coca- Cola has released a live wallpaper that has some interactivity built in.  read more about it after the break.Basically, AdMob allows advertisers to target Android users as they use applications and browse the mobile web from their phone. By sending users directly to the Android Market, Coke maximizes their live wallpaper conversion rate. This reach ensures that the most people possible will be able to enjoy the wallpaper throughout the holiday season.

Even if it is a huge advertisement, it is a really cool wallpaper, and like I said, it’s interactive, so you can always play around with it a little, too.  Definitely worth checking out.  it’s FREE on the Android Market.

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