Look, It’s a Giant, 42″ Nexus S!


The Nexus One was cool. The Nexus S was hot. What’s an 42″ Nexus S like? Simply awesome. To promote the Nexus S, Google has made a huge working model for one Best Buy store to promote their new flagship device. And we’d be lying if we said it wasn’t pretty looking. The magic behind it reveals it actually is just a Nexus S with video-out powering a 42″ touchscreen. No worries, it stays cool. If it is a hit, and it is, Google will make more of them.

Jason Kincaid scored a hands-on with this huge baby and says it’s beautiful. Check out how “unresponsive” the phone is as he demonstrates it below!

Source: TechCrunch

  • Bob

    if they’d just included HDMI output, we could all have one.

    • xarophti

      …and HSPA+ support, and gorilla glass, and, oh, someone other than Samsung to make it…

      • Ns user

        love this phone. my wife has mytouch 4g but it seems the net speed is slower than mine considering we have 4g here. i can even see the tmo cel tower here at our room. most be the architecture of the circuits – maybe?

  • oky

    wowh… it’s so big… how touch it?

  • what a giant phone !! who is the user ??

  • it’s a big thing.. it looks ike replica..

  • TS9602

    The touchscreen looks responsive enough to me. You can see on certain applications that he gets an “instant” reaction but on others it appears that he doesn’t! These things either work or they don’t, all they do is report positional output and the operating system does the rest. The fact that he’s getting different reactions on different applications suggest that he needs to be more practised at using the screen or there’s lag in the entire stystem (i.e. the rest of the unit can’t keep up with the touchscreen).

    I’ve seen other applications in larger sizes using this particular type of technology (and looking at the construction of the unit I’m fairly sure it can be only one technology!). They all seem to work fine.