HTC: Sense Will Continue to Evolve Beyond Phones, Move Into Living Rooms and More

What started out a custom skin for Android phones back in 2009 has evolved into a user experience that, ultimately, will not be confined to handsets.  HTC‘s Head of User Experience, Drew Bamford, was recently interviewed by Forbes where he outlined the future of Sense as a platform.

We saw hints of HTC’s bigger scheme back in the fall when the company debuted their new line of devices (Desire Z, Desire HD) alongside a website ( and a device called Media Link which streams content from phones to televisions.  No longer concentrating on phones, HTC started down the road of providing services and features that are hard to walk away from.  Whether you stay on Android or move to Windows Phone 7, HTC’s Sense can follow and help with little intangibles that lead to happy customers.

HTC is ready to continue pushing forward with new features and services that operate under the Sense umbrella.  On the immediate horizon is delivering new cool content on phones, including books, magazines and newspapers to music and video.  A new “reader application” which has already gone live in Europe, will offer periodicals and books.  Bamford expects the app to arrive in the US before long.  The reader app is actually a partnership that utilizes the Kobo and Borders Books’ eBooks platform.

Also in the cards is a deeper reach into your living rooms.  What started with the Media Link, will continue with new platforms and devices that get smarter all the time.

“At some point, you can imagine replacing your home Internet service with your 4G phone.  I think we’re on the cusp of that transformation where mobile products and living room life collide.” – Drew Bamford

  • good luck ! I don’t know anyone who would prefer Sense over native Android.

  • B

    Seriously, I’m getting entirely too tired of these manufacturers loving their junk skins (OK, sense isn’t really that bad) with Android, and then thinking they’re so popular (really?! we don’t have an option to uninstall/turn them off!! Hence, the manuf THINKING their skins are so popular), they have a legitimate reason to expand them!
    If this is where this is all going, I’m heading to Apple soon. As far as a (virtually) closed system goes, that one just simply works smoother! And I’m definitely NOT an iFan; I’m on my 3rd Android device.

  • alchemy

    Sense sucks! period. HTC has put lots of junkware onto phones like the highly popular HTC EVO. The main reason why battery life sucks on the EVO is because of all the stupid unnecessary services and apps that run in the background requiring to use up more power consumption memory and cpu usage. HTC sense is for senseless consumers who want a fancy phone but want it to contain friendly user experience. A Power Android user does not care for crap software like htc bookstore. GOOGLE BOOKS is way better and most of the books are free of charge. I’ll will never use htc sense again and my next Android device won’t be a HTC sense phone, im going pure android so i don’t have to wait for system updates.

    • non-SENSE

      AGREE 100%!!!  SENSE SUCKS!!!  Back awhile ago, I used to own an HTC Magic.  Updated the ROM to their SENSE thing.  Boy!!!  Did my Magic slowed down or what!!!  And all their apps/widgets really sucks, don’t fully use the screen space effectively, resource hogs…  Just really unnecessary!!!  Asked their customer service if I can get the old ROM back, they said NO!!!  I ditched the phone and got another Android, NOT AN HTC!!! 

  • tootallsc

    Wow you guys are dumb! No wonder why you want to go to the iPhone! HTC sense is so user friendly and has amazing features. Pinching the screen so it zooms out to see all of the home screen panels. What about friend stream? The music player widget? All of these are so much better than any other companies self proprietary software they put on the phones such as the Xperia X10 that my gf has, I don’t like the sony software on there. I do agree that some features I don’t use and should give you the option to delete just those apps. As for battery life….it’s not the HTC sense is everything else you are running. I had the same issue. I had SETCPU and Appkiller and just a bunch or random apps like that. I deleted them and still made no effort. I performed a system restore and now since I downloaded some apps from the market it is such a hug difference on battery performance. My battery lasts at least 3 times as long. Just to let you know if you cross over into iPhone territory and use bluetooth alot then you are going to be very dissapointed. This is my biggest beef with apple. You can’t turn on or off bluetooth protocols on the iPhone. As well the iPhone is not backwards compatible with older bluetooth devices that are not updatable. For instance….you have a bluetooth cd player in your vehicle that can be used for bluetooth music and hands free calling and the unit is last years model. Well the new iPhone for won’t work on it. I’ve tried. The iPhone3 is not a problem. My HTC Desire doesn’t have a problem. Now since this radio can do music and handsfree calling through the bluetooth you have the option on the phone for A/V remote, sync contacts ect. So you get in your car and the bluetooth is turned on, on the phone. You don’t want to listen to music so the radio source is turned off. Well because you don’t have the option to turn off the A/V remote protocol on the iPhone that as soon as the 2 pair it will automatically turn the radio on and start playing music from the phone. I think for a phone that costs so much that it should have some options and not the worst bluetooth on the market. My crappy Samsung Instict I use to have had better bluetooth that the iPhone.

  • Ruslam

    I love HTC hardware but Sense is sucks. If you putting your fucking ugly skin over native UI (android, windows or whatever) please give me an option to disable it.

    Removing Sense is only reason why i’ve been rooted my Wildfire and installed custom ROM.

    And even more, having Sense over native UI is a main reason why HTC customers always waiting Android updates such a long time.