Hurry! EA Drops Prices of All Games in Android Market to 99¢

Attention gamers! EA Mobile has dropped the price of their Android games down to the very attractive price of 99¢ each!  This means that for a limited time, users can download and install Tetris, The Sims 3, Need for Speed: Shift, and FIFA 10 for less than a Venti White Chocolate Mocha.  No word on how long this promotion will last so hop on it as soon as you can.  Hit the jump for direct links to each app!

  • urgh

    Not available in Europe! 🙁

  • caz

    noooo! Can’t get em in Europe like this guy said ^ argh and i was really hoping to have some apps ready for my phone when it comes out 🙁

  • ChaosKiller

    Well EA doesn’t want our money… shame…

  • Rich

    This is available in the UK each one costs £0. 65 need for speed here I come. Thanks ea happy holidays

  • Ragflan

    They need to address the Galaxy S issues. Fifa 10 and NFS Shift require additional files to be downloaded and they just don’t download on Galaxy S.

  • RellikZephyr

    prob only dropped the price cause of new 15min refund window. and most those games take longer than 15mins to download. just to find out they dont work and you missed the refund window. bit of a scam if you ask me

  • Oleg

    Why no FIFA on Nexus S android 2.3 market????

  • Yeah they have been on sale in the uk for a while now, they keep putting them down and back up all the time as monopoly and trivial pursuit was also like down at 59p at one point.