LevelUp Changes ‘Touiteur’ to ‘Plume’ After Twitter Request

Remember the e-mail Twitter sent to the Touiteur developers, about the name of their application? In case you don’t, it essentially contained this message: “Change the name of your app or we will start prosecution.”

LevelUp, not wanting to be prosecuted (who does?), promptly began complying, throwing out a public poll to decide on a new name.  About 5,000 people voted and decided the fate of the Twitter client, changing its name to *Drum rolls*… Plume!

It will do, but Touiteur sounded better, partly because Touiteur was pretty straightforward about the functioning of the app. Level Up Studio will push the name change of the app through the Market in a few days, accompanied by a few bugfixes and optimizations. Once the update has been pushed, tweets will have the “Via Plume” signature instead of “Via Touiteur”

So, do you like it or not?

Source: LevelUp studio

  • Danny

    This makes me sad. Shame on twitter.

  • Fred

    I would have told Twitter to go fuck themselves and there shit social network

  • This whole thing is stupid, Ive never used the client and don’t really care what its called but how can anyone threaten legal action over the names twitter vs touiteur and keep a straight face. I mean seriously!!

  • jc

    I agree that it’s a shame. It’s not like twitter was losing anything. In fact, they probably got more traffic because touiteur was fun to use. Plume just doesn’t have the ring to it. But I don’t blame LevelUp for giving in. Sad times…

  • hmm, so what’s the different from twitter ??