ADWLauncher EX for X-MAS!


Just in time for the holidays, developer AnderWeb is giving everyone the happiest of Christmas Eves with the release of ADWLauncher EX. The new version of the launcher introduces a plethora of new features.

ADW  is a replacement launcher for your Android device–what you see when you use your home screens and app drawer. Every time you exit an app or your browser the launcher is what you go back to. Out of all the alternate launchers available this one is by far the best in my opinion. Check out the video for an overview:


New features include:

  • 5 different app drawer styles/behaviors
  • 3D Nexus One-like applications drawer
  • 2 different plain vertical applications drawers styles, the “old one” and a new fast and smooth one
  • 2 different iPhone-like horizontal applications drawers, a traditional paginated one and a new one with continuous fling
  • 8 different desktop transitions: new animations while navigating through your desktop screens. Try them all, they’re crazy!!!
  • New icons configurations/look and feel: tweak your desktop icons, change their size, add colored backgrounds, change font size, color, etc.
  • New fast presets mode: quickly change the whole desktop configuration with one click.
  • Editable desktop icons for applications, shortcuts and folders.
  • Lots of code improvements.
ADWLauncher EX  is quite speedy and with the new overhaul, the amount of customization provided this should keep you happy this Christmas. Come on, ADW is  in CyanogenMod! What more do you need? Look for the ADWLauncher EX in the Market for $3.43 US. The original ADW.Launcher is still free.
  • jdog

    Damn Google, I tried and it has so many options that by the time I decided to just keep LauncherPro my 15 minutes was up. I also tried another app for DNLA streaming and it was loading to slow like (30 seconds) and I got nervous about the refund limit so I just got a refund before it was to late, I didn’t even give that app a chance.

    • Usman

      Make sure you find a way to email Google to tell them your experience.

  • JaylanPHNX

    Looks awesome. The only problem I’ve ever had with ADW is that Sense widgets are unselectable when using it and I really use a couple of those (the mobile data on/off toggle especially).

    • Nathan

      thats an issue with ANY home replacement. the sense widgets are built into the sense launcher and becuase of that they can’t work in any home replacement.

      Same reason why you can’t install launcherpro and have it’s widgets work with ADW.

      • Sundar

        There is a very simple alternative to the default launcher’s mobile on/off widget. Use APNDroid and its widget.

    • Mr_Tricorder

      That’s because of the nature of manufacturers’ frameworks like Sense, MotoBlur, and TouchWiz and really doesn’t have anything to do with ADW Launcher or any other launcher replacement. I would recommend using something like Beautiful Widgets in conjunction with ADW Launcher EX.

      • Jeff

        I have a DX and I can use my Blur widgets fine with LauncherPro. They have just been moved to under “widgets” with the rest of the widgets.

        • Bianca

          Me too 🙂 Motorola Widgets work fine.

  • WERA689

    Will there be an option to animate hiding the status bar, like there was in the original ADW.Launcher?

    • JW

      There is an option to hide the status bar. I decided to go out and buy it as a Christmas gift for me and I will say this is one home replacement app that I really like. There is just so many features that you really need more than 15 min to try it out.

  • Daniel Greer

    I am amazed at the quality of this app! I downloaded it and started playing around just trying to get a feel for it, and by the time I realized that there were no Sense widgets, 25 minutes had already gone by. Am I ever glad that I missed the refund window! I figured I would just mess with when I was bored, but likely never use it regularly. Wrong. The dock bar all by itself would have made this a worthwhile purchase. The ability to customize that one little piece of the screen makes a huge difference in the amount of flicking side-to-side that goes on. Add in the other ways you can customize, especially the depth you can take those customizations to, and you have got a real winner.

  • fred

    Do the presets and 3d not work on the D1? I’m rooted (new to this) and using the MIUI rom.