HTC Teases With Package of Seemingly Related Android Stuff

I am not sure what to make of the following items.  Last week, I received a package on Wednesday that looked and felt an awful lot like it would contain a review unit cell phone. The name on the box indicated it was from HTC‘s PR firm, Waggener Edstrom.   Excited that it might be a new HTC phone (EVO Shift 4G, Thunderbolt), I tore into the box.  Instead of an Android smart phone awaiting me inside, I found pieces to what felt like a viral puzzle game. 

  • A foam, stress ball-esque television
  • A green Android
  • A “Froyo Lover” sticker
  • A mockup of an Android screen (Las Vegas) with video chat and a missing corner
  • A compass keychain with 4 hanging letter “G” buttons

If I didn’t know who Waggener Edstrom was, I would have been even more confused as “HTC” is nowhere to be found.  I realized rather quickly that the ‘G’ letters resembled the font found in some of HTC’s marketing and figured the empty square would be where one sees the caller on the other end.   The foam television is likely for a TV output like HDMI and the sticker implies Android 2.2 on something. The compass indicates we might seeing our first Android phone with HTC’s new “Location” capability.

My guy tells me that this all part of HTC’s plans to unveil the new 4G-ready Thunderbolt on January 6th.  So here’s where I ask you guys.  Have you seen these items elsewhere?  Did you received them yourself?  Any other clues or advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • Student Driver

    Four “G” buttons eh? A 4G reference as well?

  • Balthazar B

    Uhhh…four G’s? I wonder what that could mean…

  • Hmm if it is the Shift the postcard of the video chat would imply a front camera…Maybe I’ll wait instead of getting an EVO.

  • jdog

    Maybe this is from back from when the EVO 4G got Froyo in July?

  • Alex

    Umm the video chat with the corner missing…. verizon is having a conference in las vegas on january 6th right when the phone comes out.. big hint.. 4 g’s = 4G..

  • cloud9ine

    Verizon’s launching HiDef TV (actual TV not like the app that kind of shows TV) over LTE in Las Vegas

  • cloud9ine

    Verizon’s launching HiDef TV (actual TV not like the app that kind of shows TV) over LTE in Las Vegas


    The new HTC 4G phone for Verizon works with Google TV.

  • Brian

    I think your looking at a 4G phone(the 4G’s) with a front facing camera(video chat), GPS(compus) running android 2.2 and i bet that the tv screen is either related in size between 3.7 – 4.3 in screen. Is there any way to find out what the size or measurement of the tv toy is?