Is Verizon Expecting Froyo for the Fascinate This Week?

A recently leaked internal document for Verizon indicates that the carrier is expecting to roll Android 2.2 out to their Galaxy S series Fascinate by year end.  We’re down to less than one week left in 2010 so the window for this is not very big at all.  The document doesn’t appear to be all that old, so we’ll find out how swiftly Verizon can move.  All it takes is a little announcement to appease the masses.   You got one of those on deck, Verizon?

  • Deeter


  • Wow, what a surprising !!

  • sorry

    This is clearly outdated. It still shows the droid x as having 2.1. Better luck next time. And this is coming from a fascinate owner. Samsung cant fix most of the issues with 2.1, so why would they release 2.2?

    • JoeRoiiiiid

      You DO realize that it is already being released for the same devices in Canada, right?

  • Lawrence Wilson

    For the same reason that they were able to get Gingerbread into a Nexus S, a phone that, as you already know, is a blood relative of the Galaxy S, while they couldn’t get it right with Froyo on any platform:

    They’re Samsung. They make no sense.

    I daresay that T-Mobile probably paid them good for delaying everything else.

    At any rate, I certainly hope that Froyo cures the battery life issues, the GPS and un-Bing’s my Fascinate. But if any of the reviews about the Nexus S are any indication, apparently the GPS problems are still around, even with Gingerbread.

    Personally, if I were Samsung, I probably woulda skipped over Froyo and gone to Gingerbread, since they seem to be having so many issues. Then again, I also woulda shipped the Galaxy S with Froyo in the first place.

  • soulmediclive

    Has anyone noticed that the Samsung website updated it’s information today on the Fascinate from having 2.1OS to having 2.2OS? This is a really good sign that we will be getting it soon!

  • NameGoesHere

    I doubt that will happen, Fascinate owners get another device

  • Anon.

    That document looks really old. It lists features that will come out in summer. (Last summer)