Early Build of the Next-Gen Android Music Player Leaks

Well, well, well…what have we here? Remember that amazing Google Music app that was teased at Google I/O earlier this year? It looks as if that app has been leaked onto the Web by johnnie93 of the XDA-Developers forum.

The app design follows the graphical flair from the updated Gallery app that appeared on Android 2.1. It also shows the small “menu” button that was seen on the Motorola Honeycomb tablet that Andy Rubin showed off at Dive into Mobile. This is further confirming the thought that Honeycomb will finally bring all of Android’s core apps to a streamlined 3D experience.

The APK is available at the XDA post if you dare to try it on your device, or you can just watch the video of it in action below.


  • jdog25

    Google did say this was part of Gingerbread but I think it got delayed because their new iTunes like program isn’t ready. I hope they add this to the Market like they did with Youtube so we don’t have to wait for the next OS update to get it, I wouldn’t be waiting long since I’m using a Nexus S. When Google Music comes out they are going to pwn iTunes, it is one of the last big things missing from Android.

  • Scmo

    I tried it and it’s a good effort in the right direction. Had to uninstall though because it’s lacking certain options and the girly colors that transition but I see the potential in it. Right now I use a combination of power amp and winamp for my music experience. Good stuff

  • kbaxreno

    Will it play local mp3’s with voice commands? That’s about the only thing missing with the current player or PowerAmp.

  • will it be 3D experience ??

    • “3D experience” as in apps with 3D graphics like the latest gallery app…not necessarily pop-out-of-screen 3D.

  • ninja4life

    cant install