Motorola Command One Bluetooth Headset Review

Known by the masses (most recently) as the creator of the “Droid”, Motorola also makes some great devices and accessories to use with your smart phones.  If you’re in the market for a Bluetooth headset, Motorola has something nice to show you – the Command One Bluetooth headset.

The Command One Bluetooth headset is top of the line with a retail price of $99.00 and features a a sleek 2-inch long “Jawbone” design with a comfy earpiece that will rotate for use in either ear. Buttons are rubberized and have a nice feel to them.

The device is charged with a micro-USB in about 2 hours and can last for up to 5 1/2 hours of talk time. I had mine on for 4 days before it needed a charge. Now I’m not the type to be wearing it everywhere 24hrs a day but in the car it’s especially awesome. You can leave your phone in your pocket or purse and manage just fine.

As expected, call quality is excellent. The calls are crystal clear and the people I talked to didn’t notice any quality issues on their end.  With the different states placing a ban on talking while driving, this little device could save you some money in the long run.

The few times I strayed away from my phone the signal was strong for about 40+ feet. With this much range, I can take care of busy stuff around the house, remaining hands free.  My favorite feature is the ability to connect to devices via A2DP (Advanced audio distribution profile..for the non-techies) A2DP allows the streaming of stereo quality sound from multiple devices.Connect multiple devices and manage calls with one headset. Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds if you are lucky enough to have 2 phones.

For the adventurous, I’d recommend trying the Android MotoSpeak app.  To be up front, the app is very much a work in progress and lacks a general polish. The MotoSpeak app allows you to have texts read to you via the bluetooth and then reply using voice to text.  Overall, there is a mixed bag of good and bad with this one.  I’ve seen plenty of reports of people trying and failing to get this app to work as hoped. Hopefully Motorola will continue to work on the app to improve it for the future.  Get it right, Moto, and people might even pay for this app if it worked on more phones and if it had more features.

If you’re looking for a nice quality bluetooth headset, the Command One is one to consider. While it’s true that $99 isn’t a drop in the bucket, I would say it’s worth the money.

  • Obs

    I’ve had Blueant q1 for almost 2 yrs … complete management with voice. it’s finner and better looking than the Moto for sure. Trying to understand how this one is better.

    •  I have the Q1 and it SUCKS. There is no reason ANY headset should have their MAX volume as LOW as it is on the Q1. Currently looking for a replacement.

  • mattgyver

    Just read this and I think the exact same article verbatim be written for Motorola’s h17txt which has essentially the same specs and as and also uses Motospeak. Motospeak is okay however creating a profile with Tasker is far superior as you can have it read your text messages/email as soon as it comes in (or other apps that support tasker like k9) without even having to mess with the phone. Good review, just wanted to throw that out there 🙂

  • great review, thanks for share..

  • Motorola Command One headset keeps you up to date with the voice messages to tell you when you are logged in, which phone is ringing, and the current battery level. Never leave your headset to reduce speed. This is Motorola’s talk noise crystal technology A2DP streaming.

  • Thank you for show your infomation.

  • Kristintemples

    I just got the Samsung Charge and hooked this earpiece up to it and it is great, but how do I get it to read my contacts name instead of the number when someone calls?

  • CJ

    I just received it and charged for 6+ hours and it won’t turn on…. do I have a lemon or is there something I’m missing?  Yes, I turned it on at the switch : )

  • Julio

    I have a problem with this device, it is settings mode and I cannot pair it with my phone! Help!