Samsung Rumored to Debut Galaxy Tab 2 at CES, Galaxy S Successor at MWC 2011

Samsung is rumored to be bringing their Galaxy Tab  follow-up to CES next week.  Yeah, we’re a little surprised to hear this as well.  Considering the Tab is only a couple of months old, we can’t picture them outright working on a successor.  Perhaps a larger model in the realm of 10-inches is in order.  Either way, KoreaTimes is reporting that Samsung is ready to step up the tablet game.  Don’t get us wrong here, we’d love more hot, Samsung tablet action!

The Galaxy S smart phone series is also expected to get a refresh, albeit in February at Mobile World Congress.  After nearly 10 million devices moved around the world, Samsung has hit upon a winner and it’s time to roll with the momentum.  We can’t say that we’re surprised by this one as the original Galaxy S (i9000) was unveiled nine months ago at CTIA.  It might not sound like that long ago, but in today’s Android universe, that’s practically eons.  The phone is likely going to resemble the Nexus S in terms of hardware, with NFC chips, Android 2.3, and a possible dual-core processor.

  • Jake

    A 10″ Galaxy Tab makes sense from a marketing standpoint. There will be a bunch of tablets debuting at CES, and if Samsung doesn’t have something to show it will get lost in all the noise. They’re especially concerned about all the attention the 10″ tablet from Motorola is getting.

  • I sort saw this coming and predicted it over at under my CES preview. I also expect to see a successor to the EVO….EVO 2 perhaps? Seeing how the first EVO was shown at last years. I expect bigger things from HTC then I do from Samsung.

  • orama

    they can announce the galaxy tab 2 next week but this doesn’t mean that its ready to put it on sale in a short time, im sure that we have to wait 3 months for less o can see it on the market

  • tablet action in smart phone..

  • Ronell

    I’m buying the first 6-7″ Android tablet that has full phone functionality…in the US..with 3G working while on the phone. I honestly don’t mind walking around with a man-bag and at least a tablet-phone and my 3D camera.

    If nothing comes down the pipe in 6 months, I’ll simply buy a Windows tablet and carry three gadgets (+Nexus One+camera) EVERYWHERE. 😉

  • Todd

    Samsung has been talking about releasing a 10″ tablet since they first leaked the Tab back in the summer; there was also talk about a third size, but I’m not sure if they ever specified what it would be (maybe 8″ or maybe PMP was the third size).

    And, Ronell, if the Tab didn’t have a working phone in the US, you will never see a tablet that is also a phone.