HTC Vogue Gets Gingerbread Port

Well, it looks like another Windows Mobile device has gotten some Gingerbread love. The HTC Vogue has gotten an unofficial Gingerbread port. It looks like everything is working, except shooting video. But we expect that someone in the community will fix that soon. Our own Russell Holly went in-depth on Gingerbread development earlier today, and this just proves that developers are indeed busy bees when it comes to Gingerbread. XDA user DZO posted this thread, with a link to the system image. He stated that it’s a good base for anyone wanting to tweak it for their Vogue. This comes just a week after the HTC HD2 got Gingerbread. That’s 2 Windows Mobile devices that now have it. But when compared to the number of Android devices that either already have it or will soon, it’s no contest. Check out the thread if you’d like to try Gingerbread on your HTC Vogue. If you’ve already got it up and running, let us know what you think!

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  • Olografix

    Gosh, for a moment there I thought of whipping out my Vogue and giving it a run… truly miss DZO and dual-booting but the Vogue has had its time and has earned its retirement shelf!!