How Come Korea Gets all the Cool Stuff?

Why does it seem that Korea get’s a lot of the cool new toys first?  Perhaps it is something to do with the big companies doing the manufacturing being located there.  Anyhow, is reporting that Pantech is launching an Android phone that uses DDR2 memory under the hood, reportedly making it 1.5 times faster than traditional smart phones.  Where it is said to really shine is in web browsing.  A quote from the article:

Pantech, the third-largest smartphone maker by unit sales, after Samsung and Apple in the local market, introduced a DDR2 memory smartphone, called Vega Xpress for KT and LG Uplus customers. This utilization of DDR2 memory is a first among Qualcomm chip-based smartphones in the world, the company said. Thanks to DDR2 memory, the Vega Xpress is 1.5 times faster than a normal smartphone and offers PC-level speed in Internet browsing, application speeds, and gaming. Based on Qualcomm’s MSM8225, the Android-based smartphone is enhancing 3D graphic processing with an increase that is two times faster than before and increasing power efficiency by up to 2 or 3 times, Pantech said.

Not sure if the addition of the DDR2 is really going to make any noticeable difference, time will tell.

  • mXn

    I wonder if we will see this in US phones.

  • Nick

    I was in Korea recently and was struck by the sight of nearly everyone on the street was on the phone. We see it a lot here but not like what I saw there. It was really unusual from my western perspective.

  • timmyjoe42

    I’ll take any speed boost that I can get.

  • ddnoi

    What’s the word on battery life? I think its important to know whether or not you have to be plugged in most of the day to use the phone.

  • bousozoku

    Considering how many less than average products Pantech makes, does anyone really want to call this “cool stuff”?

    Hopefully, LG or even Samsung will produce phones with faster RAM soon.

  • Mac

    Not just Korea, but most of the rest of the world. Why? The US has a lead on everyone in terms of high speed Internet connectivity at home, so phone-based connectivity is far more important outside the US. And on the down side, US phone carriers just suck. The two may be partly related, but we also have a quagmire of over-regulation to blame.

    • N

      You got to be kidding. I’m afraid America lags far behind the rest of the world in terms of broadband. Especially when compared to Korea. But I do agree with you about phone carriers.