Modify Your Battery Icons Easily With This App

Most of the times you want to modify your battery icons, you have to flash an or push files to your phone with adb. Not anymore if you are a proud owner of a Galaxy S, Epic, Nexus One, HTC Hero CDMA or HTC Magic. XDA-member appelflap and impaler747 teamed up to make battery icon mods as simple as possible, and they did a good job. They actually put together an app, for root users only of course, which makes modifying the battery icon a walk in the park. Remember always to choose a version that matches your device and ROM. Sometimes the mods do work on a different ROM or device but that’s more an exception than the rule. You’ll also probably want to make a Nandroid backup. If you apply a wrong version or you stumble upon a corrupted one (although all versions are tested)… you may ending up with a un-bootable device. In that case you have to flash your firmware again… OR just do a simple restore of your backup. Read more after the break.

The authors still need more icons, so if you’re a developer or a themer, you can PM them your framework-res.apk and don’t forget to mention for which device and ROM it is. They will give you the credits. What are you waiting for? Go and download the app from the source below, or supply them your own icons.

Source: XDA-developers

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    Tried it on my CM6 Nightly Nexus One… works great =]

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