Beta Test This: ShopSavvy 4

Most of us use some sort of barcode scanner on our Android phone.  Barcode Scanner, Google Goggles, and ShopSavvy are the top three available in the Android Market.

According to ShopSavvy,

“If you would like to help us out AND you have a newer Android phone like an Evo, Nexus One, Incredible and the Nexus S this build should work for you. (older phones will have to wait until the next build to work).”

As always, we have to stress that this is for beta testing, not for regular daily use.  ShopSavvy notes that if you happen to give it a go and are the first to find a bug, they’ll send you a free t-shirt. Not bad.

Being that this is a beta version, the company didn’t give out much info on what’s different, or up-and-coming. Either way, go ahead, download the beta, and give it a shot. Let us know what you find!

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  1. Elvis
    January 04, 12:52 Reply

    Why they gotta be hatin’ on my D1?! Yeah, it may be vintage but I got this bad boy suped up!

  2. Uragan
    January 04, 12:57 Reply

    It is at most accurate
    Takes for ever to scan the barcode.
    I like the new UI looks much better than the previous ones.
    Needs an option to stop the suggestions or they can put another tab or smth.
    Needs to fix the camera to scan faster.
    Very fast search :) Impressive

  3. Ronnie B
    January 04, 13:38 Reply

    Doesn’t work on G1. That’s bug enough for me. Send me my t-shirt!

  4. brian
    January 04, 14:08 Reply

    The beta has been updated to work on everyone’s G1s and all other android phones for that matter!

  5. Randy Boyd
    January 04, 16:54 Reply

    I’ve tried Shopsavvy several times but was neither convinced of the quality of the barcode scanner nor the data they provided. Instead, I always use Scandit (, which only become available on Android recently. The quality of their barcode scanner and their data just blew me away! Scandit is a great app and will definitely remain my favorite shopping app for the new future!

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