Google Continuing to Clean Up the Market

We’ve known for some time that Google doesn’t hesitate to remove apps from the Market that violate the distribution terms that developers agree to. Tonight, we’ve learned of another instance: the developer of EliteBomb and EliteBomb Plus, who openly describes the app as “the first SMS spammer to offer the ability to send unlimited text messages,” reports that Google has removed his apps from the Market and suspended his developer account.

Mr. Taylor appealed Google’s decision, noting that:

In addition to the applications that infringe upon your terms of service, I had many ‘legitimate’ applications listed that cause no harm to any devices or networks, or infringe on your terms of service in any way.

While it’s a shame that the Market also loses Taylor’s other, innocuous apps, I find it hard to sympathize with him.  Certainly, if you know your app violates the Market’s terms,  it’d be wise to find another way to distribute it in the first place. In the case of the EliteBomb apps, I don’t think the Android community has suffered any great loss regardless.

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  1. Bo
    January 04, 23:51 Reply

    I love them just for nuking Michael Quach out of the market. Now there are “Android Development” and 100 others

  2. benjymous
    January 05, 04:44 Reply

    Now I wish they’d do something about all the “getapk” crapware games – the ones that are illegal roms packaged in a dodgy emulator that just pop up adverts all the time.

    Every so often I report them, but they seem to keep reappearing with different developer names. I wonder if it’d be more effective to report these to the copyright holders instead

  3. Skythe
    January 05, 09:44 Reply

    Don’t think this is the only app that does that, have downloaded and used one myself to play a prank on a friend. I feel for the guy..

  4. CiaranG
    January 05, 10:28 Reply

    Very funny – he sells (or sold) an app for “SMS bombing” people, and another app for protecting yourself against being SMS bombed.

  5. bousozoku
    January 05, 15:29 Reply

    I wonder what happens with all of those applications which use information under copyright or trademark that don’t belong to the developers in any way, shape, or form.

    I’m still waiting to see original applications but they are few or difficult to find in the Market.

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