Comcast to offer streaming to Tablets this year

Comcast announced in a press release today that they are going to be offering streaming to tablets for iOS and Android.  Coming soon is also the ability to watch the Comcast OnDemand right from your tablet.  That’s 3,000 hours available on the go at the click of a button.  The OnDemand service is coming to the iPad first, but Comcast said that it will be available for Android “later this year.”  Also, you can now control all your Comcast info, and change channels from your computer.  (I’m sure the app will follow for your smartphone.)

Who has Comcast and is looking forward to this?

  • Miranda

    I don’t have Comcast, but I would be looking forward to this as well. I currently subscribe to DISH and they have this as well. For me, my experience with it is awesome. I can control my TV with my Android phone (HTC My Touch), I can watch any of the subscribed programming (in or outside of the US) and also watch anything that I have on my DVR. It has to be one of the coolest things I have used in a long time! Being that I have been a subscriber long before I was an an employee of DISH, I will say that it is worth the minimal purchase for the equipment and as of right now; you find anything better.