Cross Country Automotive Services Announces New Roadside Service App

Cross-Country automotive services has announced that they are releasing a new mobile app for Android to help motorists who need help while travelling.  This app takes roadside assistance to a new level.  It can use your GPS location to notify the tow truck more precisely where you are which, I find amazing, especially when your car breaks down outside of a well-known area.

Cross Country also stated in their press release that the app “offers “one-stop” capability for their service providers to receive quick and accurate dispatch information to provide timely service to consumers, including requested service need(s), consumer and vehicle details, location with turn by turn navigation, and contact information.  The app also permits service providers to update dispatch status with geo-stamped location.”

They also stated that by the end of the month, any mobile phone should be able to access this service.  (Thanks PRNewswire.)