First Alpha Build of WiMAX for CyanogenMod Hits XDA!

The self proclaimed #TeamWin crew has given EVO users their very first alpha build of WiMAX for the EVO.  This is considered to be a huge breakthrough in the EVO 4G development arena. The thread can be found over at XDA-Developers.

XDA members Shinzul and toastcfh are to thank for the new functionality, which many believed couldn’t be achieved. Below is the thank-you section of Shinzul’s post.

-First of all, credit to team douche for the amazing ROM!
-JesusFreke, without your work this wouldn’t be possible!!!! MANY THANKS
-MadCoder and Cyanogen for the initial Wimax commits
-toastcfh, you’re the man – TEAMWIN 4 LIFE

And our army of AMAZING and patient testbots (in no particular order):
-OtisFeelGood (mostly :P)
(if I missed a tester, I apologize!)

Remember that this is an ALPHA build and proceeding with caution is advised. Read all of the instructions before flashing anything. If you mess up your phone or accidentally delete you WiMAX keys, it’s nobody’s fault but your own. So take your time, gather as much information as possible, and if you have questions, search the thread to see if anyone else has experienced the same issue. If not, post a message asking for assistance.

All this crazy stuff is happening HERE.

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  1. shift
    January 07, 00:44 Reply

    #teamwin :)

    thanks for this, drdrewdown!

  2. Kyle Pozan
    January 07, 01:01 Reply

    I think I see an AG writer’s name in the xda post. Cool.

  3. onicrom
    January 07, 08:40 Reply

    it got press…neat

    dual-mode is working (2G and 4G simultaneously)

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