Android Special Report: Is Samdroid the new Wintel?

When Windows exploded on the market back in 1985 (Who remembers 3.1?) Intel was there to hop on board and “Wintel” was a wonderful partnership, and the leading one for the realm of Windows OS.

Could we now be entering the age of Samdroid? In 2010, Samsung exploded, outselling HTC in their Android phones, and they aren’t seeming to slow down in 2011.  Check out some charts and figures after the break.

Flurry has shared with us some interesting statistics and graphs about Android over the course of 2010.

This first chart shows how many Android devices were activated in 2010 compared to 2009.  There was an 891% increase over the year. (53 Million phones)

In 2010, HTC was the leader of Android with the majority of the Droid series with Verizon, and with T-Mobile, having the G1 and the MyTouch phones.  Motorola had a nice chunk due to the original Droid with Verizon.

By Q4 of 2010, Samsung became the new giant in Android, and they have not let up as you can see from the graph. Finally, for the holiday season, Samsung exploded with the both the Galaxy Tab and the Galaxy S phone.


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  • NeoteriX

    This is rather unfortunate, given Samsung’s notorious reputation when it comes to Android upgrades…

    Great hardware, terrible software support.

  • Bryan

    There is a simple reason for Samsung’s rapid growth. They finally put out a competitive handset with the Galaxy S line (yes I’m grouping all the Galaxy S phones together) and they released them World Wide on just about every carrier.

    The quality of the Galaxy S handsets is no better than the competition from other manufacturers, and in many areas the Galaxy S in noticeably worse (Lag due to the messed up RTS file system, GPS problems, lack of software updates / manufacturer support) but they were available everywhere.

    Hopefully HTC and Motorola will take notice and get rid of the carrier exclusivity agreements for their phones.

  • Drew

    I agree with you Bryan. The only reason Scamsung acquired so much market share is because of how accessible their phones were. Otherwise, they’d still be sitting pretty where they were last year in terms of market share. Anyone who has been burned by one of the other companies knows that HTC is the way to go.

  • Kwasi

    I bought a Galaxy S (Verizon Fascinate), and I love the hardware (Hummingbird), but the software is atrocious. Until I installed an aftermarket ROM with ext4 the phone was slow, and felt burdened despite having the best CPU on the market.

    I’m probably going to sell it and upgrade to a dual core phone, and I’m pretty sure it won’t be a Samsung. All the new phones have the same Tegra 2 so after the way I was treated by Samsung with their crapware and Bing (really Verizon), I’m probably going to look elsewhere next time around.

  • drew evo

    What needs to happen is Android make there own phones not just software
    And then not put a new OS out every 2 months.
    By doing to many new updates pushing them out so fast its causing bugs software hArdware freezes and all that other great stuff welL love lol
    And there putting the phones most of is got out of date
    By them not getting dates because of other phone company’s want us to by the new phones every 4months so. They can keep draining us
    I know the n1 and ns willbnot be obsolete for a long time because there full Google
    The problem is us Sprint and red useserers don’t get the nexus phones because Google wants to only make them in gsm and they favor t-mobile more than anything.
    I want a nexus s on Sprint but I can’t. So I got an Evo not a bad phone but it probably only has 3 more months worth of updates till its just like a devour or a hero old and obsolete
    That’s the truth we all want a pure Google phone with no bloatwaer
    But we don’t get one

  • Roly

    I agree with all the comments so far. Let me just say, that, whatever our misgivings are about Samsung and their unbelievable arrogant attitude towards customer software issues, they DO make exceedingly GOOD phones. The real problem is, they are racing ahead so fast in producing new models, there is little effort in support of outdated phones. A new phone today, is out of date within a few months! Samsung have recouped their investment on that model, so there is no longer a real incentive to support it!
    We just have to suffer it!

  • Seems we dont have a choise. Good luck then.

  • Seems we dont have a choise. Good luck then.