CyanogenMod 7 Gets Shown Off On Video

Anyone who has rooted their Android phone should be familiar with Cyanogen.  When I had my G1 back in the day, I was rooted with CyanogenMod, and I loved watching it grow and (impatiently) waiting for new updates.  I can avow from experience, that this guy and his team knows their stuff.  Cyanogen himself has said that nightly builds will be hitting the web in the next few days.

Check out these videos of CM7 in action, after the break.

CM7 Boot Screen promo:


Official CyanogenMod 7 Preview:


Pretty amazing stuff.  Who’s ready to give this ROM a shot?

Just a quick reminder and disclaimer, that although rooting your phone can be fun, exciting, and you gain the opportunity of trying out new things, you do run the risk of permanently ruining [bricking] your phone. So please, proceed with caution .

  • The only thing I don’t like about Cyanogen is the launcher. Wish it were stock.

    • Smarch

      Then install stock, the ROM has SO Much more to offer than a launcher.

  • Yoshi

    I’ve been ready to give this a try… CM is 10 times better than any other ROM I’ve played with

  • I totally agree with tenkely. ADW launcher isn’t bad, but I like LauncherPro so much better. But everything else is awesome in CM. Can’t wait to install CM7 🙂

  • Obs

    the launcher animation in 6.1.2 is much better looking.

  • Jimmy13

    I think you can just add the launcher you want and pull adw out with adb if you don’t like it. For that matter you could pull it out with root explorer too I’m pretty sure.

  • B-Rose

    Sexy! Can’t wait ’till they get a Droid1 ROM.

  • NM

    EVO is ready for CM7! Can’t wait!

  • M

    Yeah, like I am going to install it because of the start up animation……get real. What it does after is starts up is what I am concerned with. Not some animation.

  • yugi

    hey guys…..

    i was wondering if the cm7 is or the cm 6 is compatible with the htc desire… so sorry ive been a slave to the htc sense for quite long…and i think its time to change….it would be nice….if u could guide me to the right direction….

    yugi the noob….

    btw my desire is unlocked and unrooted…

    • csmr

      Yep! CyanogenMod runs great on the HTC Desire.

      You can root it with unrevoked and then flash cyanogenmod.
      Just go to and choose your desire version (CDMA or GSM)

  • Jaymoon

    My issue with CM roms are that it’s so customized to begin with, it’s very overwhelming. Yeah some are cool features, but after about 10 minutes of trying to remove this mod and that mod, I end up flashing Stock or a “slim” rom and customize off of those with a fresh start.


  • Will

    I think I was just convinced to get the MT4G instead of the Nexus S lol.

    My N1 is running low on internal space, and I honestly can’t think of a reason to get the Nexus S over the MT4G if you plan on rooting, especially once you overclock the MT4G’s processor (I’ve seen as high as 1.7Ghz).