Dish Network Lets Customers Watch Live TV on Android Tablets

Chalk up a win for Android users who are Dish Network Customers!

The free “DISH Remote Access Android” application gives Dish Network customers the ability to watch their LIVE and RECORDED TV on compatible smartphones, tablets & laptops.  With the latest edition, it is now optimized for higher-pixel Android tablet displays.  Broadband connected customers with compatible hardware using a “Sling-enabled” device like the Sling Adapter, paired with the ViP722 or 722k HD DVR’s are now able to utilize this service on dozens of new Android tablets.

In addition to watching Live or Recorded TV, the DISH Remote Access application allows full DVR controls, including scheduling and deleting shows.  Imagine using your Android tablet to completely control your television needs.  This is a free application in the Android Market, but requires compatible hardware to fully utilize all the features.  Without a “Sling-enabled” device, most functionality is there, minus the ability to play videos.  With or without the proper hardware, this is a very cool application for Dish Network subscribers.

  • Josh

    Ok nice to see this on DISH Network now let’s get with the times DirecTV and create something similar….Show me why your supposed to be the best…

    • longhairbilly

      Could not agree any more with you.

  • Ray

     I picked up a Sling Adapter a few months ago and I really enjoy it. I get to take the TV I pay for with me wherever I go. I just upgraded my phone to an Evo3D as well so it looks even better and runs a little faster. I work for Dish Network and I just wanted to let everyone else know that normally the Sling Adapter is $99 retail, but right now you can get the Sling Adapter for Free! If you want more information just go to and follow the instructions!