Hands On with the Motorola XOOM, and a First Hands-On with Honeycomb

The lucky dudes over at Engadget got an interesting hand-on with the newly announced, Honeycomb-equipped, Verizon Motorola XOOM tablet. They managed to bypass the demo videos and mess around with the apparently “early build” of Honeycomb.

Engadget noted that the icon that looks like “a deck of cards” is the new app switcher/drawer. From anywhere in the OS, the switcher can be brought up to multitask and open apps. Other than that, no other new information was extracted from their time with the device. it was a very “barebones” build. They uploaded numerous pictures and a video for us to further investigate.

Are you interested in the Motorola XOOM? Is this the DROID tablet you’ve been looking for?

  • Andy in Indy

    Can somebody look up the kernel version for Honeycomb on the Xoom, please?

  • Elvis

    This is definately the tablet I’ll be watching the closest, I’m psyched to se some REAL tablets coming out

  • We can’t wait for this tablet to be released.

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